Cat likes food... Part 1

Paying a visit to Kuching meant having a food tour. Many Kuching-nians reminded me that in Kuching, there’s basically nothing more you can do but eat. Food and people are like best friends here. The idea repulsed me. Food starts with the same capital as Fat and Flab!

Kuching Icon

I hardly heard of infamous food that originated from Kuching till Kenny’s recommendations to many of the mentioned dishes and delicacies on his blog. His enthusiasm’s to feed me thrilled me (NOT!). But to show how courteous a Melakan is, I obliged to some of his food challenge.

I swore to myself that I would lose some weight from some extreme activities I might take up in Kuching, like hiking through the forest and caves, so anything that contains calories is a no go. I decided to order a safe drink during a lunch session with Kenny while he snaked away from his office.

coconut & sugar cane
best drink I ever had!

Sugar cane mix with coconut drink, turned out remarkably sensational. I’m a coconut fan and I love sugar cane, but I never knew you can actually mix both together and it can actually taste soooo good can die. I can drink this my whole life, so sad I never actually seen it in west Malaysia. Anyone know where you can get it in KL? I know there’s none in Melaka.

Kenny: “They serve the best Bee Hoon Belacan here”
Me: “Err, no.. really, it isn’t necessary…”
Kenny: “Boss, give me two Bee Hoon Belacan..”
Me: “…” *sweat*

Bee Hoon Belacan

Kenny: “Many people find it weird. I would say it’s an acquired taste.”
Me: “Oh my god! Century Egg!!” *digged in*

(Totally forgot that I shouldn’t be eating at this point, ignoring Kenny’s speech. I have a weak spot for moist looking century eggs that would melt in your mouth)

Me: “I love this! This is delicious!”
Kenny: “Err…. ” *sweat drop*

Dom: “That looks delicious, I’ll order another one.”

In the end, everyone’s having a go at the dish. Yum!! I will definitely miss this when I go back to West Malaysia. Can someone ta bao for me when they visit me from Kuching?

So many bee hoon
Dominic’s hands to the right. That’s Sisuahlai on the left and his beautiful wife on the right

After a filling, satisfied and guilty lunch session, we decided to take a cruise around downtown.

Kuching sky
clear blue sky

inside celica
cruising along china town

For some reasons, I was pooped. So while they made plans to tour the city’s museums, I made a request to head back to the house to take a long power nap. I’m not much into museums at that stage, sleeping seemed more important. Being brought up in Melaka, I lived among histories and we have more than enough museums to make us puke. Anything less than 10 years in Melaka is new, anything longer than 2 years in Kuching is old.

Before I knew it, it was dinner time.

This would be the most exciting chapter of my visit in Kuching - trying out on exotic food. I could say I differ in a most bizarre way compare to most people, you see, I have a very adventurous taste bud. Yes, I think adventurous is the suitable word to describe it. As much as I love and hate food at the same time because anything that tastes nice will bring down to my hip and arse, it’s a one way love journey for me when it comes to uncanny cookeries.

One example, my ultimate fantasy is to travel to India to try out one of their legendary local treat – BBQ Tarantula.

taste like chicken

Anyway, back to dinner. We traveled out to 7 miles to dine at a restaurant called “Wan Cheng”. The area is called 7 miles because it is located seven miles from Kuching town, talk about creativity.

Wan Cheng
Kuching people love exotic food

“Wan Cheng” restaurant is mainly just a flat concreted area with a shelter over it, no air-conditioning or fancy entrance. Probably they are trying to create a dining experience as closely connected to nature as possible, or probably because it’s cheap to design it this way. But no matter, it’s the food that counts.

Sadly, there were few dishes that were unavailable that night, including squirrels, pangolins and snakes. Turned out no one could catch it at that point so it’s probably only available at the end of the year. That calls for another trip to Kuching. :p

Thus, the first dish we ordered was….

exotic food

Go on, guess what this is? Make a wild guess. Get it? ‘wild’ guess… Ha ha. Eh hem… sorry, lame joke.

There’s another name for it, direct translation from mandarin is “water fish”, which Kenny had no idea what it was as he arrived late and only understood the term as guys who gives free drinks in pubs. He was reluctant to try, shame on you Kenny.

Ok ok, it’s a Chinese turtle. I don’t know why Chinese like to call animal dish in names that is in no relation to the real food. Like frog is also called “padi chicken” and rhymes like “sweet chicken”, which was the lie my mom told me when I was young to try to cheat me into eating frogs. There’s no turning back since.

If you don’t know how a Chinese turtle look like? Here, have a look,

water fish uncook

The reason it’s a disgusting food to many because it can elongate its neck to a frightening length.

water fish long head
It must be a breeze to travel around without moving your body

Fortunately, the turtle was chopped up in many pieces and stir fried so in the end it just looked like any other normal pork/chicken dish. They say it tastes like chicken; don’t they all taste like chicken? I heard people saying alligators and snakes taste like chickens, the Indians said tarantula taste like chicken, might as well we order chicken and cook them differently.

turtle meat
Pork? Turtle?

Took a bite. Trust me, it really does taste like chicken.

I wonder how many would dare to eat it if the dish was prepared this way?

water fish
looks almost delicious, yum~

Then my friend served me a piece of the skin, which he claimed to be the best part of the turtle.

turtle skin
looks like jelly to me

eating turtle skin
taste like jelly too

Then there’s venison, one of my favourite meat of all time,

deer meat

wild pork
wild boar meat - wild pork??


This is also one of my favourite dishes other than the Chinese turtle. See the darker pieces? Those are the skins… of a giant lizard. Strangely, the only thing that comes to my mind is the Komodo Dragon.

komodo dragon
“I taste like chicken too”

There were other ‘normal’ dishes as well for the vege eater or the scary cats who didn’t dare to exploit new horizons. *looking sideways to Kenny*

 minced pork Tofu
minced pork Tofu, this is sooo yummy


George (the host) stated that this dish, called ‘belian’, is a sort of vege that can only be found in East Malaysia. Being a vege lover, I found this dish rather appealing.

So curly

some vege with egg white
some vege with egg white

Don’t know what this dish is called, but I loved it! It’s some vege cooked with egg white. So delicious!

The night ended with a bit of cam-whoring.

group photo

Purr… Now I know why everyone loves Kuching so much…

meow being harrassed
Come to mommy you sexy~


15 kissed Nicole

  1. da_n ... i so wanna eat ye3 wei4 again *with a grin*

    honestly... i didn't noe wat was 'water-fish' till you illustrated with those pics. great idea for an easy-read *thumbs up*

    huhu... u forgot to mention 'bout the slight side-effect of eating these authentic cruisine....
    so... folks fyi... it's 'heaty'and some even suggest that high consumption would boil up the 'impatient' hormone in ladies ;)


  2. wow ... men need to let some steam off after those "blood boiling" food yo ... yummy ... minced pork tohu ... all i need is that

  3. Ho HO ho!! Nicole enjoying Kuching food. LOL!! Damn, Nicole, I am such a loser when trying out exotic food. So there, don't look side ways at Kenny only, you'll be looking sideways at me too. LOL! Turtle, lizard(four legged snake in chinese), bat, ewwwwww...... hahahaha.. pardon me... i don know how to enjoy exotic food, although I am from Kuching. LOL...

  4. It's a terrapin, not Chinese turtle ... LOL. And you get plenty of this in West Malaysia too.

  5. now get yr tush to Penang and we'll show you some really good food...


  6. To infinitium,

    I'll take you on, if you volunteer to bring me around for good food. :D

  7. As a Kuchinghian, indeed i would say we love to eat.

    Most of the times, we could eat up to 5 times a day..

    Breakfast, then dimsum, then lunch, then tea break, then dinner at 6 or 7, then supper at 10 or 11...sometimes for those late sleeper, we even have what we called 'After Supper' supper !!!

    Indeed, Kuching is an eating heaven..
    IM glad that you enjoy..makes me miis the food there now ..'sob sob'

  8. Kuchingite2719/4/07 7:00 PM

    Belian? I though it's called Bedin? :D or Belin haha. It's actually a wild vege... :)

    Ohh the vege with the egg is called "mani chai" loosely translated as Mani Vege... hehe

    Don't know why it's called that though. :D

  9. Thats Cruel~~ I had seen how they slaughter a turtle....not yummy at all for me :P

  10. it's bidin... not belian.

  11. bidin or belian it looks paku pakis to me lolz :P kerabu paku pakis is the best :)~

  12. That vege is called the "money chai". LOL.

  13. Question! Is that guy in the yellow t-shirt called Chi Tzan? (Group photo) A couple of them look like old classmates/yearmates of mine whom I've lost contact with. Would be great if you would reply. Cheers.

  14. Err....i dun advocate consuming endangered wildlife.

    However, the 2 dishes you featured: 1-its not unique to sarawak, as i've had it here locally, but forgotten which state it was. 2-minced pork tofu...there is a restaurant in seri kembangan that serves this specialty dish, which is like a substitute for sharksfin soup, it consists of pork-tofu-eggs-shrimps-etc and i rate it higher than most sharksfin soup i've tried. (dunno the name, but its the corner lot beside CIMB&RHB bank on the main street.

  15. hey where is tht superdelicious look mee hun belacan???