Fool Proof Diet Plan

Do you know what is the best way to lose weight? I have finally found the perfect solution.

1. Stay with 15 other gorgeous girls in a hotel for one week

2. Have buffets every meal but not eating cause everyone else is not either.

3. Being trained from morning to near midnight in 3.5 inch high-heels till your feet get so sore you can't feel your toes.

4. Get stressed out so much you cry yourself to sleep and forgot about hunger

5. In need of sleep so badly you rather skip breakfast to stay in bed longer

6. Having limited time to make up and set hair that you rather skip lunch to gain that extra time so you would look good in front of sponsors

7. Knowing tomorrow is bikini day, you skip meals the whole day so your tummy won't bloat the following day

8. The food get so tiringly boring everyday you rather drink milk in the room and sleep

9. Imprisonment for one week in a hotel with no 7-11 is a sure way to cut all supplies of titbits, so suffocated that you have to secretly ask friends to smuggle you M&Ms into the hotel

There you go, nine easy steps to losing two KGs! I have never felt lighter on high-heels.


10 kissed Nicole

  1. does it apply to boys too? hahah

  2. i just wan my belly-off >.<

    double congrats though!!!
    keeep it 'high' up ;)

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  4. ps: willar u ain't needa lose weight... u would only grow vertically with excessive food consumption :p ... wish i could :/

  5. congrats on going through with the Malaysia World Pageant, its been cool reading bout you and ill hope youll keep on. Its amazin that someone reports on their lasik operation, ill wish you all the best with your future. take it easy nicole!

  6. lol. two KG?

  7. good one!

    caroline here

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  9. Was a good event anyhow, good job trying.
    Just entering it sure means a lot ^^

    Usually people will get fatter after a diet if their mouth, I mean, will, isnt strong.

    So take care !

  10. Jeslin: i like this post =)

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