Gone MIA??

Sorry guys, am in kl these few days so didn't actually have the time to blog. You see, I'm on a mission, to buy myself some decent dresses, which to some of you out there I could be too tom-boyish to look lady-like, so it's time to change.

Got a dinner pouch, some hair clips, and god damn these fats still won't go away from my body. Damn it 4KGs! Can't you understand human language!

Bought myself two pairs of high heels recently, black and white. Don't understand why girls need more shoes? I don't either. If I have the answer to that, I probably would have been a psychology consultant to all the old single men out there, cheat lots of money from them and could have written a book thank you very much.

But then, if you really want an answer? It's simple: Because we only have two feet, why treat them poorly?

It's hard being a girl, we have PMS and we need so many clothes (note: not want, is NEED), each for different event, you need at least three for every casual wear, night wear, day wear, picnic wear, work-out wear, dinner wear, special event wear, once-in-a-blue-moon wear(this usually consists of clothing with extreme funkiness or just plain weird to suit the day's mood), clubbing wear, travel wear, home wear, yum cha wear... etc. I can only recall so many. Then there has to be at least a pair of shoes to match each of the above wears (another answer to the above question), and purse/pouch/handbag to match with. Damn, I haven't even started on accessories and make up products of matching hues..

Shopping can be so stressing~ =.= I'm stressed~~~


Will be back on Monday and on with the Kuching massacre then ok? Don't fred my children, mommy's gonna be home. Be patient. Come, mommy feed you candy~


10 kissed Nicole

  1. hahaaaa! totally, but it's still fun... =D

  2. nicole... i m wondering?? does shopping are much more streesful than completing ur assignment? and yeah, Poor Man Suffering is sux...

  3. had fun shooping? hahaa......

    girls need soooo much more than what is necessary....sigh......

  4. well some are just bag person and some are just shoe person.. and i'm a shoe person! hahaha! OR some are just both :p~

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  6. Even with an excess of 4 kilos i am sure you look undeniably gorgeous in those dresses you brought haha

  7. Actually I saw you at One U last weekend. You are tall...

  8. you'll still look gorgeous anyways...

  9. Nicole, reading about your 4kg, I so feel like flying down there straight away and stranggle you!! LOL!

  10. with or without the 4kgs 'off' ... u will still look perfect to me :)

    shoes shoes shoes.... i can never never understand why.... ;).... becos my 20 bucks sneaker fits all occasion :p

    oh well... it's an investment i guess... and perhaps i can open 'ladies shoes boutique' to fill in the 'investors' demand :D

    dun be stress ... take it easy alrite ;)