I'm Free!!!

I just had my nails done. And it's so difficult to type with fake nails. Suddenly I find myself typing with two index fingers.

So I am really really lazy to type a long entry.

Phew... Just reaching this line took 5 times longer than usual. *wipe sweat*

After a week of entrapment, I splurged one week of sustained appetite today at Jogoya, Starhill. And boy!!! I have fallen in love!! The place is heaven!! I can't stop laughing when I stood in front of the dessert bar. So many cakes, so many chocolates.. If only there was a bed there.

I think I left a weird and blatantly strong impression with the staff there.

All I remembered was laughing all the way while walking back from the dessert section with four plates of assorted cakes and mochis laughing like a mental. I have my friend carried the other two plates of mousse cakes. I wonder what was the reason my friend was walking a distance away from me?

So distracted I was, I forgot to take any photo. Oh, all the better, I just found myself a great excuse to visit there the second time. :D

Okay, index fingers getting tired. Till then... keep on dreaming about all the great food I have la. Hohohoho...


17 kissed Nicole

  1. bbq salmon tummy is good :D~~~~

  2. what beauty pageant those people talking bout in the your chitchat? How come i dunno anything bout it?


  3. nic did not want to say anything now .. maybe because she did not win anything .. MAYBE she only annnouced to the whole world IF she won the contest ..

    anyway ... up to her lor :)

  4. Oh man, the japanese food was kinda good alright, although I m not really a fan of Japanese food. You want Sakae? You gotta bring it yourself la Nicole! ahhahaa..... :P

    Lastly, NO! You are not Nicolizing me... wahahahahaha..... :P

  5. i cant imagine how you will react if you went to visit their outlets in taiwan..double or tripe the size wif karaoke as well..

  6. welcome back.. we miss u princess :)

  7. she won something la,not"...maybe because she did not win anything .."

  8. hahaha

    did not win the 1st one .. means did not win already lar .. why need to give excuse :)

    seem that kenny sia "let" the whole world know about the pageant earlier than nic herself hahaha

  9. U should hv won it hands down.

  10. go to www.kennysia.com to see NIC's photos !!!!!!

  11. nicole!! you were great...and very attractive nonetheless.......I will support you! hahaha....
    you gals were at "that" hotel, its just like a stone throw away from my house....how come my lenglui radar did not sense anything???

  12. hahaha

    did not sense because there is no leng lui to sense :)


    (2007 ms malaysia universe is NOT pretty .. nicole prettier)

  13. correction! Nicole is the prettiest!

  14. hi my dear..
    u got a lot of fans here...

    miss congeniality