Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Use Google Maps Underwater Panoramas

lady elliot island chasing manta ray

Now this might seems easy on Youtube (Google Maps underwater panoramas launch video), but it does require a tip or two to maneuver around this feature on the maps itself.

chasing manta ray
chasing manta ray in Lady Elliot Island's reef with Google Maps.

Here are a few easy steps to your first journey into the ocean with Google Maps:

1. Satellite.

When you launch Google Maps on your browser, on the top right side of the map, make sure you select 'Satellite' instead 'Earth' or 'Map'. If you only see 'Earth' and 'Map' as your selections, then you're already on 'Satellite' mode.

2. Drag yellow man

how to use ocean maps

In Satellite mode, head over to the few areas which has underwater panoramas feature. You can take your pick from You can also click directly from the google maps ocean page to bring you directly into underwater panorama but this in post I'm showing you how to operate this feature from google maps itself without going through

So here, I searched for Heron Island in Australia, then look for the little yellow man on the top left side of the map screen. Drag and hold 'him' out onto the map. You will now see abundance of blue dots on the maps which has the old version of the panoramas photos taken around the island.

3. Yellow Circle

Ignore all the blue dots and look for a small yellow circle, which is to be the new 3D underwater panoramas feature. It might take a while to find but it will be there, sometimes a little further from the island.

little human icon

Bring the 'yellow man' over to the yellow circle, when it gets close you will see a small window of an ocean popping out with NO FONTS, like below.

panaroma ocean streetview
Make sure there's no fonts. The window with fonts 'panoramio' is NOT the one you're looking for (they're the blue dots).

And woila! You're underwater.

turtle google maps underwater

4. Move around with Arrows

Once underwater, you will see arrows pointing in different directions. Play around with them, some of the arrows will bring your on shore and some to further explore the reefs.

depths of heron island

Bravo. You're officially a virtual diver.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Google Launches Underwater Street View

So now Google has covered almost all the streets views it deemed worthy to cover (yo, please make Malaysia 3D as well!), it has diversify and expanded beyond land and sky; Google has gone underwater, literally.

lady elliot island chasing underwater panaroma

Watch the video.

The first thought I had after watching the video was: "Holy, how much did it cost to do that?! All over the world?"

Second thought came quick: "Can I work for them?"

I thought it's amazing. And these people do have the coolest jobs.

I do wonder the threats it's causing to the tourism industry to some of the most sacred diving destination around the world; and also the mystery it takes away from destination I've never dived before. Great Barrier Reef, for one, that's a bummer. Now I know how it looks like underneath the ocean reef there, it sure is not going to make my penny's worth when I do, one day, fork out a small fortune to dive there. :S

But then if the tourism gave them the permission to film and photograph, perhaps it's more of a promotion stunt instead of trespassing.

depths of heron island
As you can see I've been having a bit of fun going around underwater in Australia even though I've never been to the Great Barrier Reef.

I've wandered quite far off into Heron Island's reef. I'm adventurous like that.

Do check out if you want to tour around this new and awesome service they're providing.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reblogging into my Nicolekiss Diet

I've started blogging in my other food and health (diet) blog Nicolekiss Diet recently after being absent from it for a year.

So far four posts have been posted and more will be following.
I once contemplated in combining all the blog posts into this blog but then I realized there really was too much food and if I were to blog about all of them, it would be endless and Nicolekiss would in turn changed into a food blog! (Yes it took me one year to realise that. -.-) And I didn't want that.

Anyway this post is going to be a food post!

Starting with an my current fav champion of breakfast - waffle with a generous amount of peanut butter.

My breakfast this morning. Peanut buttery goodness. #foodporn #breakfast #peanutbutter
from Lewisgene Espresso Tea & Machines (click link to go to Nicolekiss Diet post)

Recently I got on a ramen hunt, so many ramen shops popping up in Singapore and Malaysia.
One of which I enjoyed was Menya Musashi in 1 Utama mall, the newly opened Isetan on the 2nd floor in the old wing.

Menya Musashi's Musashi Ramen Shiro (white) broth (click to see review)

I also tried the Kuro broth (black).

this photo taken with Samsung note (clearer but not as vibrant)

My favorite dish in the shop was this chasu gohan, though. Oh so goooood!


I've also been looking for malay kuih-muih lately to satisfy my sugar cravings.
Had these two yesterday. Yumz.

Kuih Bakar

Kuih Lompat Tikam Moden (as in modern) find out in the link what it is made of!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#OOTD post

Here're some of my latest outfits (a.k.a. look of the day) for the past few weeks. Not all of them but it's a compilation.

Peplum beige top from Whitesoot

Me before the search, gosh I was really plump. I'm happy with my size now but will continue to work harder to thrive towards a more visually pleasant size. :)


Got a parcel from Korea few months back from Mootta. Love their clothes but it's slightly only the steep side.



I posted a photo of me wearing this dress before, here's the photo again.

nicolekiss mootta dress

I also got a bejewelled panther necklace from Mootta too. I love the length of it, which hangs loosely down my chest close to my navel.



White blazer: Zara
Top: Topshop
Necklace: Mootta
Jeans shorts: Dorothy Perkins
Arm candy: Taiwan
White belt: Taiwan
Heels: Summit


An #ootd . Casual slit sleeves green top from @whitesoot #lookoftheday
A casual slit sleeves green top from whitesoot.

This top could be tucked in and become a more formal wear, but I like wearing like this. It's really comfortable and breezy.

The angle of this photo makes me look really short, and extremely unflattering. But I want to show off my new sling bag here. Love it!
White top inside: whitesoot
Sheer black shirt: brands outlet
Necklace: Topshop Singapore
Jeans shorts: Dorothy Perkins
Sling bag: Charles & Keith


wore this to dinner at Ciao, very nice affordable fine dining restaurant. more of that later

My clothes arrived just in time for Raya. Awesome! @whitesoot #shopping #fashion
These arrived just in time for Raya from whitesoot, though technically I didn't celebrate Raya, sadly, we were let off from the model search for a few days and it was too last minute to fit in any plan. :S But it's always nice to receive something. :D

My raya outfit! Turquoise print jumpsuit from @whitesoot #lookoftheday #ootd with forever21 heels #fashion
Ah, here.. a more flattering photo of me, in full height. lol.

I love this jumpsuit from Whitesoot. They're so comfortable and easy to wear to any occasion. Now I know what's the fuss with jumpsuits, I can see why Tyra Banks is so obsess with them.

I paired this number with a white belt.

I haven't had the chance to wear the floral beige top yet. But will be finding an excuse to wear it soon. ;)

Finally, last outfit.

Dress from Guess.

Love this dress. It's so colorful.
Now that I'm brunette, I have to play with colors more.



That's all. Till my next OOTD post.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Turning Brunette

So in case you didn't know, there was a second makeover before the final fashion show last weekend.

And now... I'm a brunette.

Revealing for the first time.. My black hair! What do you think? Previous blonde or current black? #model #makeover #hair

And I've not been a brunette for 7 years!

Just to refresh your memory. This was me before the second makeover.

Dark blonde. It was darker than this shade before the first makeover when they decided to dye my hair to an incredible blonde (by my standard).





Here's a clearer pic.

#ootd for one of today's commercial shoots. :) #lookoftheday

And even blonder when they just dyed it the first time. As I washed my hair, the color got darker and darker over the weeks.


Right now... my hair is SO close to black. In fact, I think it is BLACK!






Though the stylist insisted that the color will fade (into a dark brown) as I wash my hair.




What do you? Blonde or brunette? 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Model Search Diary: Coming to an end...

So it's almost coming to an end.

I can't wait.

#ootd #lookoftheday #makeup #model #fashion #catwalk my look tonight
my make up for one of the show at night.

What meant to end last week was extended for another week and thus our schedules got more slacked, which gave me more time to rest, but also the extended week meant I have to be away for one more week.

And I'm missing my family terribly. Missing my friends and my life back. I miss doing things that are more productive.

This journey has been quite an eye-opener. And I can't wait to embark on the next journey while exploring more into this modelling industry, if not, then move on to other sectors in my life pronto.

Preparing for another show tonight. This is becoming a habit. #catwalk #fashion #model

Two months have been exhausting and mentally tiring. Of course I can't ask for more a more amazing experience in the modelling sector. Photoshoots and fashion shows were always thrilling, and whether I could continue to pursue this when this is over.... well, I'll let fate decides, and see where it'll lead me.

#ootd first shoot look today #fashion #model #bimba&lola #photoshoot

The finale's tonight and I will, more or less, be gracing the runway one last time, or not; will see. Either way, I'm grateful to have been here.

Bathtub shot? Gonna get really wet and no towel.
wet shoots





Whole day of commercial shooting today. #model #shoots #restless

#ootd for one of today's commercial shoots. :) #lookoftheday
commercial shoot

Underwater photography today. #waterproof #makeup #photoshoot #fashion
preparing for underwater photoshoot

Freezing while doing my hair for tonight's Sailors themed fashion show at the pool. Been dipping in the water for too long while doing underwater photography, I think I'm catching a cold soon. Ah-choo!!  #model #modellife #fashion #catwalk
freezing after a whole day of dipping in water, getting my hair done for fashion show party that night

By far my favourite party thus far. Held at the pool with sailor's theme. My sailor look that night. Technically I was a captain, with captain's cap. ;)

My sailor look tonight at the pool. Our last themed fashion show party. ❤❤❤ #fashion #ootd #lookoftheday #model #catwalk

My first set of sailor outfit by SEED at last night's fashion show. #model #fashion #catwalk #french #kronenbourg #ootd #lookoftheday

Honestly, despite all my complaints, it has been such a thrilling experience. Thank you so much X Top Model.

Let's hope it doesn't end here. :)