Monday, May 30, 2011

Chasing away your Monday Blues

Here's something random to start your way.

You've heard of this song - Dance to the Song.

Now repeating the chorus in your head

and look at this image of a little golden Jesus.

little golden jesus

Now do you feel little golden Jesus shaking its booty.

Oh yea Dance to this Song. *dance hippity-hop*

On with your Monday now.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flying to Hong Kong Disneyland Tomorrow!

I took this photo some time back. And only looking through my old entries did I remember that I ever had this photo.

Hong Kong Disneyland Wallpaper
I also made this into a wallpaper. You can download it here.

I cannot stress how much I love Disneyland. And even though I have been to ALL the Disneylands in the world; Paris, LA, Tokyo, HK (except for Disney World in Florida); I still make it a point to visit the theme park whenever I land in any of these cities.

And tomorrow I'm flying off to Hong Kong Disneyland, again!

all the hk disneyland tickets

In the mean time, you can read an old post here on HK Disneyland.

This weekend is going to be Magical!

Psst: I'll be staying, for the first time, in one of the Disneyland hotels.

Stay tune!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Judith Leiber Crystal Sunglasses

My parcel has arrived!!!!!

I have been waiting by the window like a puppy since last Wednesday (actually hanging by the computer refreshing the tracking system every two hours) and finally, yesterday, the maid brought in what was to be the happiest purchase in my life.

judith leiber

My very own Judith Leiber Crystal-embellished Sunglasses!!!

judith leiber sunglasses

This pair is soooo gorgeous I can die.

What do you mean you've never heard of Judith Leiber?
So it's not European brand and it's not really heard of in this country, doesn't mean it's not famous?!

Remember the scene in movie Sex and the City 2 where Charlotte's daugther, Lily, picked up Carrie's phone from Big and then hid it in the bling-bling cupcake purse and then Big got cold feet and didn't show up at the wedding?

YES that is the Judith Leiber famous/infamous crystal-embellished cupcake clutch.

And it cost a blooming RM16,570 on Net-a-Porter.

Even Katy Perry swears by it during her appearance at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Back to my lovely Judith Leibery sunnies. These babies might not cost RM16k and I did get it cheaper from the retail price of $885 (USD) but it's bought from every single blood sweat money of mine.

leiber sunnies

So I'm loving it like MAD!!

Look at the beautiful crystal-blinged frame at the side.

leiber sunnies side profile

crystal frame
taken during the day

There's even a crystal at the tip of the temple frame.

crystal tip


Ok that's all, bye.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Market Place - Jamón Ibérico

Ahh... the Market Place.

Remember the scene in Sex and the City 2 where Carrie and Miranda visited the souk (market place) in Abu Dhabi?

Sex and the City 2

It felt so enchanting. A couple of modern classy city ladies wandering through an age old place, bumping into old love in the midst of strangers; the scene was just all too romantic.

Souk in Morocco, not Abu Dhabi.

Well it's actually filmed in Morroco since they were not allowed to film in UAE.

I love visitng the market place, especially in a new foreign country.

la boqueria market place

In this post, I was visiting the La Boqueria market in Barcelona.

There were so many things to see, to smell, to buy, and to eat.


I was enchanted by the selection of candies here! Glorious display of colorful treats.

colorful candies

It's almost like walking in the candy world of Katy Perry in her California Girls music video.

Not to mention the yummilicious chocolates. mmm....


more chocolates

candied chocolates

chocolate roses

Some fungus that had fungus on them.

if only they were truffles.

Different types of eggs.


Of which I didn't even know what animals they're from.



Bacons (pork, of course).



beautiful berries
They looked so appetizing!

And did you know, coconuts are such a rare find in Europe? If you do find them, they can be so expensive.

Coming from a tropical country such as Malaysia, we do take the produce for granted, only to find Europens spending what we would consider big bucks on petty coconuts. And not the young coconuts that we loved so much, they only had the thick, hard, and old coconut flesh to savour and choose from.

expensive coconuts

Years ago in Venice, while sitting in a guest house I was staying in then, a young European lady walked into the guest house beaming with joy, in her hand was this old tiny coconut with the thickest skin and she was sharing her happy harvest in the market to her friend, proudly declaring she's spent 5 euro on that sad-looking coconut.

I almost choked on my drink.

Now in every market in Spain, you will come across a very special local produce, so treasured and adored by their people, and so expensive for something so light.

Jamón - dry cured ham.

jamon serrano iberico

There are basically two types of Jamón in Spain; the Ibérico, and the Serrano. With the Jamón ibérico being the more expensive as the meat comes from the Black Iberian Pig, they're much sweeter, and redder in flesh.

They're easily mistaken with Prosciutto, which is Parma ham generally from Italy. Jamón is purely Spanish, widely served in Tapas and Pinchos and are cured longer than the Italian Prosciutto.


I found the whole legs of Jamón sold in supermarket for 81 euro per leg; and that's the cheaper selection. A good Jamón can go up to 100-200 euro per leg.

This is how they normally shave to make those red delicious thin slices of Jamón.

Jamón Ibérico

Because they're cured, so their saltiness and slight sweetness are perfect eaten with slices of melons, fresh from the leg (generally), or plainly just on bread (no butter).


If you're ever visiting Spain, buy a leg back for me, will you?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Birds of a feather flock together

The first time I danced with flocks and flocks of pigeons was almost 13 years ago.

two birds

It was in Trafalgar Square, London.

In fact, that was my only memory of Trafalgar Square in London. The sole entertainment and tour purpose to visit the square. At that tender age of innocence, it meant everything being away from home with a group of adults and actually had fun.

I had pigeons sitting my open hands of seeds, on my arm, and when they got comfortable, my head.

To which then I would squeal, laugh, run and then wanting more again.

"If you're ever in London, don't forget to visit Trafalgar Square to feed the pigeons" was the longest standing travel advise I've ever given out.

Or at least until they decided to chase away the birds and their increasing problematic polluting poo-poos and make the square clean once and for all.

My second wonderful experience with these birds of a feather came to me again when I, age 20, was backpacking with my mom in Venice, Italy. Fresh out of degree and before diving into the workforce, I was determined to make the trip worth-while.

So we travelled from Milan, across Venice, and all the way down to Florence, and finally, Rome. Despite the canals and the beautiful rivers that cut through the city; or the narrow lanes framed by narrower houses on both sides, the majestic architecture near the square, pigeons remained my biggest impression of Venice, among the laughing tourists and colorful creatives.

cyclist police
taken in La Rambla, Barcelona; but you get my drift.

And then they decided to clean that square off pigeons too.

"There goes two of the most significant moments of my childhood and teenage-hood (20 isn't exactly a teenage, but yea)" I thought to myself then.

There's something about pigeons that make people happy. Maybe with the increasing isolating bond we had with nature in our modern days that made the moment we (pigeons and us) touch sort of, well, magical.

wheel chair kid

I sincerely believe pigeons have healing power, in their own way, one way or the other.

Therefore, it was with great pleasure when I came about my THIRD experience wtih these beautiful flock of birds during my travels in Barcelona, Spain; as a young adult (you ain't old till you hit 40 50 60).

catalunya plaza

Catalunya Plaza. A beautiful square of statues and fountains, happy people and bathing pigeons.

bathing pigeons

baby statue

feeding birds

man and birds

more birds flocking

little girl

white pigeon

man and little girl and pigeons

Have you found your magical moment?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

*heart* H&M and Highest High Heels

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately.

It's not normal for me to shop when I travel, but this trip to the Middle East was too overwhelming I just couldn't resist myself.

So many temptations in Dubai, so many brands Malaysia doesn't have, so many things that I love.

my h&m

H&M for one. I still cannot believe there isn't any H&M brand in South East Asia yet. Yes yes I know it's coming into Singapore end of this year (yay!!!), but the fact remains there isn't any store available in the whole of SEA right at this moment!

Just so you know, H&M was/is one of my favourite brands in the UK (back in my student days).

I bought two dresses and a jumpsuit.

new black dress

I wore this out today, pairing it with my gold Aldo heels.

h&m black dress

I had another in baby beige pink polka dot. Cost me 79 dirhams, only RM65. Too cheap! (Thanks to ringgit for being so strong during my travels, for once)

The jumpsuit I got is the same one Gisele wears in this photo,

but instead of brown I bought it in olive green because the brown ran out of my size.

I also bought a pair of floral print heels from Forever 21, declaring it to be my highest high heels ever owned.

tallest heels ever

It's exactly.... a total of.... 5.5 inches tall!!!!

tallest heels from forever21

Making it officially my tallest high heels (tallest, highest, whatever).

forever21 shoes

They're so gorgeous I can just melt in it.

floral print high heels

After wearing it, I would be 185cm in height. So intimating, me likey.

The heels cost me 95 dirhams which is around RM80, which is really cheap considering Forever 21 in Malaysia sells their heels normally at RM129. That's 40% cheaper!

Another brand that Malaysia doesn't have is Bath and Body Works; which is a brand from the US. Which is the nicest body lotion ever~!

I'm totally into the Passionfruit scent atm.

bath and body works passion fruit lotion

I smell so delicious after I applied it after shower everyday. My host in Dubai was using it everyday and it made me wanna eat her every time I smelt it on her.

Nom nom nom. Mmmm....

It's like 45 dirhams which is like RM37, more expensive than the price in the US, but hey, beggar can't be chooser.

Speaking of the states, my friend Bryan just got back from the states lately and along with him brought back my bestest buy this first half of the year (so far).

Coastal Scents Make-ups!!!!!

coastal scents make ups

All five palettes of them!!!

You know Coastal Scents, right?

The one that all the major make-up gurus on Youtube are using it.

People like Michelle Phan and manwomanfilm (her username on youtube, she's a super talented Japanese make-up guru) are using them.

coastal scents 88 color eye shadow palette

They're famous for their 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette.

I also have their

88 Warm Palette.
88 Ultra Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette
88 Metal Mania Palette

and their 6 Contour Blush Palette

coastal scents blush palatte

The end.

I officially declare myself BROKE for these two months.
(especially after a secret purchase I made this morning, tbc soon)