Land of the Rich, Famous, and everything Superficial

I am in Dubai!

I have arrived safely, fresh off the airport of Muscat and into Dubai.

Well I really don't know what to expect here.

Of course I have heard a lot about this place.

And not all of them good.

Yes yes, the glitz and glamor, rich and the wealthy, and extreme wealthy.

Put it this way, of the 1.7 millions of population in this city, only 15% of them are locals. It's a city that never sleeps, never settle, and never stable, for the people at least. People who come here never stay for long. They come, they work, they leave, whether in a few weeks or in a few years, but they leave eventually.

And out of the 1.7 mil, only 400,000 women, leaving men desperate for a lay.

Don't be surprised to find anonymous stranger stalking you back home if you're walking alone, or at least, according to my hot stewardess friend who has a few personal stories to tell, whose very nice fully furnished apartment I'm bunking in right now.

Just today, after getting off the plane, I mean literally RIGHT AFTER I GOT OFF THE PLANE, while I was still on the jetway attached to the plane,

a man came and helped me with my hand luggage (which, to my defense, I was struggling with amongst my camera bag and my over-sized handbag).

Before I knew it, I was handed a name card of a Marketing Manager of XX company in Dubai.

Like, slow. down.

Geez, at least let me unpack.

Well I have a total of five days, including today, to discover this overwhelming city of wonders and extravagantz, with limited financial freedom.

Of course there's the expensive day trips to the snow dome, the Ferarri World in Abu Dhabi, the Atlantis (water park + underwater world in a dessert, makes you wonder, doesn't it), the Al-Burj, the old souq (or "souk", or just call market), lots of duty free shoppings; who needs paradise when you have money in Dubai.

Can someone pass me pair of scissors, I need to cut my credit card in half now.


3 kissed Nicole

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  2. Lol. Have fun in dubai.

  3. Don't worry its common to give cards to everybody who u think will give you business in Dubai. Everybody does it. It doesn't mean he's trying to pick u up. If he wants to pick u up he'll ask for phone number - not give your his biz card.