Birds of a feather flock together

The first time I danced with flocks and flocks of pigeons was almost 13 years ago.

two birds

It was in Trafalgar Square, London.

In fact, that was my only memory of Trafalgar Square in London. The sole entertainment and tour purpose to visit the square. At that tender age of innocence, it meant everything being away from home with a group of adults and actually had fun.

I had pigeons sitting my open hands of seeds, on my arm, and when they got comfortable, my head.

To which then I would squeal, laugh, run and then wanting more again.

"If you're ever in London, don't forget to visit Trafalgar Square to feed the pigeons" was the longest standing travel advise I've ever given out.

Or at least until they decided to chase away the birds and their increasing problematic polluting poo-poos and make the square clean once and for all.

My second wonderful experience with these birds of a feather came to me again when I, age 20, was backpacking with my mom in Venice, Italy. Fresh out of degree and before diving into the workforce, I was determined to make the trip worth-while.

So we travelled from Milan, across Venice, and all the way down to Florence, and finally, Rome. Despite the canals and the beautiful rivers that cut through the city; or the narrow lanes framed by narrower houses on both sides, the majestic architecture near the square, pigeons remained my biggest impression of Venice, among the laughing tourists and colorful creatives.

cyclist police
taken in La Rambla, Barcelona; but you get my drift.

And then they decided to clean that square off pigeons too.

"There goes two of the most significant moments of my childhood and teenage-hood (20 isn't exactly a teenage, but yea)" I thought to myself then.

There's something about pigeons that make people happy. Maybe with the increasing isolating bond we had with nature in our modern days that made the moment we (pigeons and us) touch sort of, well, magical.

wheel chair kid

I sincerely believe pigeons have healing power, in their own way, one way or the other.

Therefore, it was with great pleasure when I came about my THIRD experience wtih these beautiful flock of birds during my travels in Barcelona, Spain; as a young adult (you ain't old till you hit 40 50 60).

catalunya plaza

Catalunya Plaza. A beautiful square of statues and fountains, happy people and bathing pigeons.

bathing pigeons

baby statue

feeding birds

man and birds

more birds flocking

little girl

white pigeon

man and little girl and pigeons

Have you found your magical moment?


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  1. You backpacked with your mum in Venice? Cool!