Itsy Bitsy Birth of Christ

While walking outside the Barcelona Cathedral I spotted a lot of vendors selling miniature displays of the birth of Christ.

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

You know, the one like this?

birth of jesus christ

Tiny things were sold individually so you could choose what you want to fill in to your little birth of Christ shed.

small items for sale

little houses

miniature baskets

There were also other livestocks and daily chores replicating the life of that century.

miniature animals

miniature farm animals

miniature ducklings

Can you imagine how tiny these ducklings were?

Let me show you an adult miniature rabbit in hand ratio.

miniature rabbit

Now let me show you a duckling in hand ratio.

miniature white duckling

It's so incredibly tiny I couldn't even hold it between my gloved fingers to take a photo!

little sheds

Or if you're lazy, you can the whole shed, comes with tiny baby Jesus mannequin, Holy Virgin Mary and Joseph.

miniatures of birth of christ

Or for the enthusiast, you can try recreating a whole village.

miniature houses on a hill

Along with all the workers going about in their daily chores.

sculptures of household chores

My favourite, has got to be this.


You can even see the swirly hot steaming poop!


2 kissed Nicole

  1. lol .. i find the last photo disturbingly funny

  2. Haha...I believe I've seen these before...though I can't remember where (maybe in Barcelona too) I didn't go and look at them that closely, though :P