Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

Spain has some of the most hauntingly beautiful cathedrals in the world.

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

Two good examples here would be the Seville Cathedral, which is the third largest church in the world, whereas Anthoni Gaudi designed and built one of the most spectacular Sagrada Familia, among many other popular architectures in his lifetime, in Barcelona and has been listed a World UNESCO site.

Both of which I have taken the effort to visit. Simply because I love hauntingly beautiful architecture full of historical values and stories.

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia is also known as the Barcelona Cathedral.

cathedral door

Situated in the middle of the old city of Barcelona, most of the cathedral was built in the 14th century though it actually took two centuries to finish the complete facade it is today.

It is a Gothic Cathedral where you will find Gargoyles sitting on its roof.

barcelona cathedral

Here are all the photos I've taken inside this beautiful cathedral.
They're all taken with a 500D. 10-22mm lens.

inside Cathedral of Santa Eulalia


candle chandeliers

circle chandelier

Choir seats at the Cathedral

Choir seats at the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia
choir seats


interior of barcelona cathedral

side choir seats

choir seats

stairs to pastor choir seating

inside of cathedral

electronic candles
best solution for recycling candles, yes?

story of jesus

golden jesus
jesus, you know.

the immaculate conception, or virgin mary, you know that too.

entrance of barcelona cathedral
entrance to the cathedral

carvings of angels
little angels

cross and city
on top of the cathedral

barcelona city


And finally,

beautiful view of the Barcelona city.

barcelona city and cathedral

city of barcelona


4 kissed Nicole

  1. You are really awesome travel photographer. All the pic you took marvelous? What is the camera brand and model you use?

  2. AMAZING PHOTOS! I would love to go to Spain just to take photos as amazing as these!

  3. hi nicole, is it dangerous to travel alone in barcelona? any things to look out for? thks! :)