This is a Piadina.

my piadina

Read the wiki description here.

Basically it's a flat-bread folded with all sorts of delicious goodies. Originated from Rome.

The first delicious "local" food I tasted in Barcelona (or Spain); yes yes not so local, but it's really yummy and famous among the locals.

I was brought to this take-out shop called Cicciolina for supper one night, address here.

piadina menu

It's not exactly cheap for a Malaysian like me, but then again nothing is cheap for a meal in Barcelona. 5 euro for a meal was considered decent.

Everything listed on the menu was written in Spanish so bring a friend who reads and speaks Spanish if you want your order done right.

I had my host ordered me a piadina filled with Jamón (pronounced Hamon, very Spanish, or also known as parma-ham), cheese and rocket leaves, only my favs.

flipping bread

parma ham
the Jamón

chef holding up my Jamón

folding piadina

here u go

and my Piadina is ready!

supper piadina in barcelona



Verdict? Heavenly.


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