Emirates Press Conference

Ever been to a press conference?

Well most press conference I've been to in Malaysia normally consist of an announcer, some assistants, a couple of journalists and a few VIPs.

The bigger ones might get a hall, and more VIPs, like this.

Especially if that press conference is one of a company announcing its past year annual profit, you will see even lesser audience and a dozen of very bored journalists scribbling on.

Well it ain't nothing like this in Dubai.

When one of the most reputable international firm host a press conference - Emirates group, the turn out will be something like this.

emirates press conference

With over 50,000 of employees under their wings (pun not intended), how did they manage to get, assumingly, even 30% of the employees to attend the PC?

ppl at press conference

You see all those people surrounding the higher floors right up to the top floor? Yes they're in the PC too.

emirates press conference two

Well it's easy. Make it a point to announce the staff's yearly bonus at the PC; that'll make them come.

12 weeks bonus
apparently the highest in the past three years.

You could see the building shook as the crowd cheered on when 12 weeks of bonus will be given to each staff.

Now that's a PC. Great turn out, great response.

Anyway, these are my three flight attendant friends from Emirates; two of them (on the left) I just met today.

three flight attendants

And that's me. ^^

four pretty ladies
Rebecca (next to me) has been a friend of mine for 20 years! I'm staying at her swanky fully furnished apartment (company accommodation) during my stay in Dubai.

She has travelled to more countries than I can ever hope for, and has been doing so for the past three years.

I want to be a flight attendant too. *Jealous*


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Frankly I'm surprised that u didn't apply to be an flight attendant. Given ur looks, height & education background. I think u can qualify easily.

    A great way to get ard the world, I'd say!