Best Friend's Wedding Invitation

When I received my wedding invitation from my best friend, Abeer, I felt that it was a slap in the face.

wedding invitation

I've never been to a Sudanese wedding, or a wedding in Oman, so I didn't know what to expect.

When she handed me the invitation card in my hands, I looked at it blankly and then peeled open the sealer.

Inside was written Arabic words which I presumed to be the names of the bride and groom and a card to attend the Henna night - a night celebrated a day before the wedding reception where only close friends and family of the bride attend, and all the attendees would be ladies and everyone would be wearing more revealing than they normally would. It would be a night of fanciness and colors; where everyone would dance and sing and have fun.

wedding invitation 2

I didn't understand a single word.

wedding invitation 3
invitation card to the Henna night

So to me, the card was written in this way:

come to my wedding

Whereas the other card said this:

getting married first

I swear, whatever it was originally written, it all comes down to these words.

PS// but really, I'm really happy for my friend. Did I emphasize the really? :S


3 kissed Nicole

  1. I think your watermark has typos. O.O

  2. Ahahaha You'r so funny, I guess you can always think about the positives, now you know what her wedding will look like so you can top it when you have your wedding =D

  3. Regardless of what it says, that card is really cute the way it's folded! I've got to remember that and use it sometime :D