Why I Switched to Android from iPhone and Now Want to Switch Back

Ever since switching from iPhone to Samsung two years ago, I have been loving and hating this new change. But more love than hate.

Love (for samsung) in descending order:
  1. removable storage sd card (photo arranging is a dream) *
  2. google drive (most convenient file sharing) *
  3. deleting & sharing multiple photos is a simple drag and delete/share
  4. automatic photo album sorting
  5. nicer night shots
  6. nicer selfie
  7. charging cable can be used for power bank and camera (travel convenience)
  8. no scratches or lens crack after two years (rough usage with no lens protector)

Hate (for samsung):
  1. loud speaker function when calling is CRAP *
  2. buggy and slow (gets worse over time)

Love (for iPhone):
  1. amazing day shots (depth effect omg) *
  2. more photo editing apps available (more apps, period) *
  3. video recording is superior
  4. auto bluetooth sync to AirPods and beats headphone
  5. can use front camera as mirror (no auto filter)

Hate (for iPhone):
  1. back up and sync (this is the MAIN reason I'm hating iPhone, it's a smart feature but at times it's a bit too smarty pants, like jumbling up aka arranging my photos according to its own preference and making my life a living hell). **
* or ** key reasons where I place the upmost importance

You would see that a lot of my loves and hates revolves around photo sorting and taking. It is the core usage of my phone, so it places an important element in my mobile phone purchase decision.

Now that Google Drive is going to be dead soon (they are switching to 'back up and sync' like WTF). By doing that, you remove the key reason I love about my Samsung and add it into the hate list. Yes I am inclined to switching back to iPhone just because.

Because it means I will have more key reasons to love iPhone than I do for Samsung, and more key reasons to hate for Samsung as well.
It is also perfect timing because iPhone 8 will be launched soon and while Note 8 will be available soon, since the last disaster (exploding) I have to lie if i'm not skeptical to sticking to Samsung.


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