Location of Birthday Surprise Revealed!

Apparently after my blog posts on the birthday surprise, two groups of baby's friends and a couple of my readers have booked their trip up to Scenery resort in the next two months or so.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Wow. Talk about efficiency. Now I have to look for new secluded places to visit.

Anyway, as promised, here is the location of Scenery revealed!!!! (Click here for website)

direction to scenery from bangkok

Once arrived at the airport (Suvanarbhumi Bangkok International Airport), take a taxi and head straight to Scenery Farm (address you can get from website). There's no other direct route, and the one way journey would set you back 3000 Baht (around RM300).

It might be a bit out of the way, but it would be ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

If you want to take the cheaper way, which is bus, you would need to do a transit in Ratchaburi town and then take a private van to the resort. Troublesome but save your a few hundred bucks.

This is the site to the Scenery Resort.

scenery site

Pretty neat site right?

The site will change from morning to night too. Log in at night and you will see a starry sky.

Or in the afternoon to see a bright blue sky. I think. Haven't fully explored the site.

The villas are of affordable rates though, around RM350 - 450 a night.

Considering a villa like this in Malaysia or Bali would easily cost RM1000 or USD350 per night, this rate is considered cheap in the hospitality market nowadays.

barbados jacuzzi

Their cool rates are more expensive because it's in the cooler season during the year end, when it feels like Genting Highlands there. (might do a repeated trip this year end there again)

If you want to make a booking, just go through the site, or send a booking email to them, don't send emails to me (I am not an agent T_T), ok? :)

What else? I think that's about it.

This post is courtesy of all readers who wants to know the info of this fantastic resort. :)

End. Ciao.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. hi nicole...
    do u think at scenery farm they serve halal food??
    i'm thinking to choose that place as my honeymoon trip..
    pls advise

  2. Thanks for ALL the effort on putting up these few great posts, Nicole!

  3. Thanks for ALL the effort on putting up these few great posts, Nicole!

  4. Nice post...Thanks for revealing the location. Lovely :-)

  5. hi nicole.
    big thanks for your kindness in sharing ;)

  6. Nicole, thank you so much for finally sharing your background information on this wonderful gift to your boyfriend. :)

    I would love to take my loved one here someday. Time to start saving up big time!

  7. Hi Nicole,

    this place is sooo romantic and pretty. please do introduce more places like this for a relaxing getaway. Loved it! Will make a trip there in the future.

  8. OMG you are so sweet!!! fabulous birthday gift!