Jakarta - Bandung: Shopping Heaven

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I never knew what to expect from Jakarta, or Indonesia per se.

Yes I've been to Bali, twice, but the island is like a whole different country from the rest of Indonesia, what being 80% of Hindu population on the island. It's not even a Muslim area, nor contain any of the Muslim culture.

money for diving

No, you know what, I was wrong. I have been to Indonesia before this.

Now I remember *knock head*, silly Nicole.

I've traveled to Manado twice, in North Sulawesi, it was Bunaken and Lembeh (each on separate ends of Sulawesi) respectively.

So wow, I have, in total, traveled to Indonesia for four times now. o.O

But then again the latter two were diving trips. So you can't really say you've seen the country and experience the culture when you only been under the sea and around the reef in some parts of that country.

swimming upside down

(Ahh good times)

This time, heading to Jakarta (and Bandung) was going to be something new for me, no diving, no island life, just true ol' city with all the pollution and people and traffic jams.

jakarta local tuk tuk

I love visiting cities. I find that big cities bring out the worst in people, and if you experienced the worst and don't mind it, then the country ain't too bad a country to live in. Or at least that's my logic.

wanted good man

wanted good woman

It's also where the best development of the country are clustered.

jakarta local tuk tuk

For the first time, I travel not for scenery,

train track

little did I expect either that I wasn't going on this trip for its culture or food or party scene, under a normal circumstance, I would have been really upset being sent such a trip, but this time it was surprisingly enlightening.

For the first time in my life, I travel for shopping!

You hear me right. SHOPPING!

all our purchase

Who knew Jakarta would be such a hot spot for shoppers!

I never spent so much time on a trip shopping before, imagine 60% of trip time just passing money over to the cashier or taking clothes into the changing room to try out. *repeat actions*

Niki, whose butt are you spanking?

They moment we arrived, we were driven all the way by DayTrans to Bandung - a three-hour journey from Jakarta airport.

We checked in to Novotel in Bandung and went out for shopping, spending the rest of the afternoon we have whizzing in and out of shops and outlets.

There was this shop we stumbled upon by chance at our last stop and instantly fell in love with the items on sale, there were so much to buy. It was also the only shop that had us all by our wallets.

group purchase

The next day, each of us wore something we newly purchased the evening before.

group photo in accor

oink cap
niki - new oink hat

joe with tweet hat
joe - new tweet hat

I wore almost everything new, except for the shoes, socks and short pants.

chic look

Even the bag was new.

le sportsac fake bag

What do you think of my Le Sportsac bag?

Cool eh?

wide angel camwhore

Only cost me RM30.

But then it's broken two weeks after the trip. -.-

Oh well, you get what you paid for.

It was meant to be bought for fun anyway.


This should be the crudest shirt I ever own (or -ed).

Then it's another 3 hours back to Jakarta (haha crazy I know).

It's like we drove 3 hours to a city just to shop, stay a night and come back, which we did.

Back in Jakarta, we checked in for the night at Mercure Jakarta Kota.

My room was pretty spacious for one person to sleep in.

my room

But I ain't complaining. :p

Oh look, complimentary chocolates! Didn't taste nice anyway.

And then it was out for more shopping again.

For shoppers around, note this location down in Jakarta: Tebet.

Probably one of the best shopping destination if you're looking for boutique designs, funky t-shirts, jeans, shoes, etc.

I got this cute pink shirt from Tebet.

cam whore in toilet

I wasn't very impressed with the traffic in Jarkata though, a bit put off if not. It's insane, hectic, and nausea-inducing. If you get stuck with a lost driver, then hallelujah, may god be with you.


In the mean time, chill with a popular local drink - jus alpukat (aka Avocado Juice)

avocado drink

while I continue to write for tomorrow's post on our visit to Garuda Indonesia Headquarter!

We get to hijack a plane!!! :D


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  1. wow so fun. i want to go back jakarta!!!!

  2. Yes Christine! Let's go!

  3. God wasn't with me - a stupid driver was! :P

    Wah lau, feel like the trip was so long ago!

  4. Wow this place is looking fantastic for the shopping. I think shopping in Jakarta can satisfy the need of different categories of users. . . . Shopping in Jakarta