Daddy Birthday Weekend & World Cup Night!

Back from a wonderful weekend with family.

Baby bought dinner for daddy on his birthday Friday night and then brother came back from Singapore and we had a birthday brunch on Sunday again.


Then I got daddy a media player that comes with a one tera-byte harddisk so he can watch all his HD movies on his LCD Screen.

Well, seeing that he has a HD LCD screen but don't have the media player to watch HD movies would be a bit sad, so I got him one la. Sharing the gift with brother *coughpaymentcough*.

I realised I haven't been updating of much lately, and I should really. But perhaps real life is drawing me away from my blog, a lot of things have been going on lately and it's pretty exciting.

In fact, by the end of this month, if everything goes well, I might even land myself a full time job that I could possibly enjoy. *gasp* Me? working? NO.....

But yes.

And it's something in regards to travelling.

That could only mean that I will be doing more travelling from now. *gasp gasp*

But I really quite enjoy the stable life, settling down, chilling out, going out paktoh with my baby every weekend, and help him stress about his work on the weekdays. Haha. Trying to catch up on all the movies that's coming out these months, great movies btw, I wanna go down to Singapore to watch Sex and the City because they don't have censorship there. Hmph. Then planning for my mini walk-in wardrobe in my house. *yay* More space for new clothes.

Oh, and I'm flying to Redang on Berjaya Air this Wednesday. Baby says it's my belated birthday gift, full pampering, filled with spa and diving trips. Haha, that's like 4 months late. Whatever, I love you baby. Beach holiday woo hoo! Just in time because my period came today so by Wednesday it wouldn't be so painful anymore and I can just enjoy~~~~~~~

Good riddance with bloating and all those, wouldn't look good in a swimwear if that happens.

Wtf? Do the guys up there know what time is it? It's almost 10pm and they're hammering out?! F8cking hell. they've been doing renovation like MONTHS now. WTF man. Shut up already.

Oooo... World Cup tonight. Hope I can stay up long enough to actually watch part of it. Am actually looking forward for some good nachos at the bar later when baby comes back from his meeting (yea i know, so late still got meeting) T_T.

Spain Spain Spain!

Paul the Octopus I believe in you. Yea I know I'm superstitious like that.

Three of my friends are supporting Holland because they are the underdogs. Let's see.

Oh btw, I've uploaded all the photos of Indonesia trip up d. Guess you'll be seeing me in Indonesia tomorrow on my blog. Haha!

See ya. Have a fun WC final night!


3 kissed Nicole

  1. tuboflard112/7/10 9:05 AM

    Berjaya Redang is nice. If you are staying at the beach villas, they are even nicer! Do note that dives at Berjaya Redang are pricer than other DCs at Redang. Book your spa early. Almost always booked out!

  2. Hehe I supported the underdogs too...just thought it'd be nicer if they won. lol

  3. why do u always talk abt ur periods? so yes, u can shag in redang. we know.