Monday, July 26, 2010

Cool Beach Biker

It would just be any normal beach shot,

until you spot something unusual in the photo below.

biker riding on the beach

Look closely at a tiny figure on the bottom right corner.

cool beach biker

It was so awesomely cool.

I was just strolling along the beach (way away from the sun) when I spotted this dude riding his cool bike along the beach, like some lone ranger biker in a Grease movie.

I want to do that. But with an ATV. (I can't ride a bike *shy*)


  1. loving the beach pictures, but the fella would seem a lot cooler if he was on an atv... :D

  2. Nicole, where is the beach??? love reading your blog as i love to travel too...

  3. Aww, it's easier to learn how to ride a motorcycle than it is to scuba!

  4. came across your blog lately accidentally, do your occupation only travel? wonderful job you are having