Visit to High 5 Bread Town

Last week I visited the Biggest stand alone Bread Factory in South East Asia, together with the First ever High 5 Bread Town Museum in Malaysia.

bread town

All the way it’s High 5 Bread Town, Shah Alam, home of High 5 bread and Silver Bird cakes (yum).

Thanks Nicgan and Michelle for giving me the ride all the way there. :)

specs posing in front of bread town

The tour brought us through their bread museum – Bread of Yesteryear.

the bread of yesteryear

Talking about bread starting from 3000BC.

That’s almost 5000 years ago, in the Egyptian era.

wheat field

wax ppl

Then we walked through the Romans age to see how breads were doing then.

romans age

wax baker

Bread business was great in the Romans, using yeast to produce fragrant bread, but then the culture soon died and the whole western world was chucked into the dark ages.

Then came the Vikings who brought in donut-like breads (breads with holes).

viking bread

Bread production and business peaked during the middle ages and soon finer & whiter breads were produced.

having high tea
“Have some tea with bread, sir?”

Of course these were just brief description of the history, you can actually pay like RM15 per person to visit the museum yourself in Shah Alam. You can even buy cheaper Silver Bird products at the shop at the end of the museum (show you later).

Then we walked through a typical olden day’s bakery.

fake bread shop

Looking at those breads made me damn hungry.

fake bun

fake pretzels

Olden day’s toasters. Damn cute.

old time bread toaster

For a moment we were brought to the future to catch a glimpse of the bread of the future.

comparison with the hand
Actual size. Hand for comparison.

Cute huh? Wonder when would these come along.

mini bread slice

We visited the factory too.

Pretty cool, would cooler if I get to be near the bread up close.

arrange bread dough into tin

last packaging

Breads cooling rack, the most awesome bread sight in a factory.

bread cooling rack

Rows and rows of breads, someone pass me the butter.

high 5 bread cooling process

Finally some shopping!

selling silver bird products

I bought a box of Silver Bird Royal Chocolate Cake (the blue box on the top rack) which was absolutely divine! Yummiest! ^^

The fun part began when we were brought into the workshop where we’re to bake with Celebrity Chef Ismail with High 5 bread!


It’s kinda funny seeing the Chef playing with his High 5 breads, prancing around in front. LOL.

chef ismail

This is me in my High 5 chef outfit.

my chef hat

chef nicolekiss 2

putting on gloves
Putting on my gloves

Don’t mess with a girl with knife. Muahaha! *evil laugh*

chef nicole and knife

Watch out guys, two lady chefs in the house.

chef michelle and nicole

Michelle and Nicgan as my baking partners.

michelle and nicgan

Throughout the baking, we were taught how to bake mini-pizzas with High 5 Breads.

my mini pizza


Sardine puffs.

deep frying sardine puff
Notice there a puff carved “N N” on it. Stands for Nuffnang, creative work of Michelle. :D

Here’s a better photo from the press photo batch.


And tuna canapés.

The group of “chefs” behind us.

In case you want the recipes, here they are. Feel free to copy down.

mini pizza recipe

sardine curry puffs

bread tuna canapes

In the end, turned out there was a mini contest going on with the group and our group miraculously won!

I have no idea how. But I guess it’s all thanks to Michelle’s handiwork of dough-playing (which I didn’t take any photo of, someone destroyed the bread samples before I have the chance to take T_T).

michelle and her dough

We made so many types of bread with the dough.

me and michelle playing dough

Twister bread, Danish bun, mini croissant, etc.

It was so fun doing it.

kneading my dough

But yay! We won a toaster each.

group photo with brad
With Brad the bread mascot.

If you want to be part of the fun, High 5 recently launched a “Jom Rasa & Menang” contest which ends this 31st August. You can win an 16GB IPAD!

All you need to do is to eat High 5 Bread, collect the bar code on the side of the loaf of High 5 bread, download the contest form here and participate!

Thanks for the tour and baking session High 5. It’s been such a thrill! (and for the free toaster ;))

me with high 5 shop wall

my outfit of the day



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