Flying Business Class

It was my first time flying with Garuda Indonesia.

garuda airline at klia

And I was flying Business Class with them.

sitting in business class

Haha. Not as shown on this photo. I merely used it for illustration purposes here.

This photo was actually taken during a Nicolekiss hijack on a A330-200.

Garuda Indonesia First Class seats, pretty awesome huh. I looked like a tai tai (rich man's wife).

No la, actually I didn't manage to take any nice shot of myself on the business class. :(

But I took a photo of my neighbouring passenger. :D

the lovely Isabelle

It's my first trip to Indonesia, well apart from Bali, which I've been to twice, but then again I don't see Bali as part of Indonesia.

This journey I was heading straight to the hearth of Java - Jakarta.

I'd put on my new pair of exotic sandals from Charles and Keith to match the mood.

new charles and keith sandals

chilling in starbucks klia
waiting at Starbucks @ KLIA.

Service on Business Class was as usual, exceptionally good, it always put me off sitting back in the economy sector. Alas, one such as me can't always afford business class.

After being seated comfortably in our big ass sofa-seats, we were asked left right center to be served (in a good way) by the two senior steward and stewardess.

By the time the planed departed, I was tucked comfortably in a blanket with an orange juice on my hand. ^^


I took a nap and skipped the first meal served. But I managed to wake up for the second meal some three hours later, oddly, it was a rather delicious mutton Murtabak, probably the best I had in years. (Not that I had that many these few years)

chicken murtabak

Food was definitely impressive. I even nick asked the stewardess for the cute salt and pepper shaker to take home. ^^ (friendly air hosts, tick)

So what's in store for me in Indonesia?

You'll never guess...

Avocado drinks.

Apparently these were really popular here.

avocado drink
not that I'm a fan of.


favourite tempeh

Oh Gosh I LOVE TEMPEH!! *point to the little square fried soy bean block thingy* It's almost like a national dish in Indonesia and I loved it to bits!

I can even sing a tempeh song.

"Oh... tempeh, where are you tempeh... oh my tempeh tempeh tempeh~"

Then there's of course, SHOPPING!!!

I'm so addicted to shopping lately. Not good not good. Must earn more money.

chic look

But don't you just love my outfit! :D

Not forgetting a bit of pool fun.

pool shot

Nothing beats chilling by the pool in a nice hotel.

I used to think that all those hot sun pool lounging was such a diva thing to do.

But when you actually bring yourself to sit under the shade with a good book and perhaps a coconut drink by your side, it feels that the world can wait while you take a pit stop at life, and just chill.

*back to my business class on the plane*

We landed at Jakarta Airport smoothly, collected our luggage, walked out of the terminal, and was instantly welcomed with a very big cultural artistic wooden statue at the entrance.

weird statue at jakarta airport

I don't know. I'm trying not think dirty right now (like really hard).

But does it look like a three-way to you?

Trip continues here.


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  1. typo at the title.. ;)

  2. Hi ,why could not see yr. baby ah ah ?

  3. That tee just screams awesome :3

  4. 3 hrs to fly from klia to jakarta?
    you kidding me????? 2 hrs la

  5. Dropping by ere Nicole. =). Nice trip there

  6. Definitely only 2 hours from KL to Jakarta... rmb there's 1 hour different here.

    Yup, the avocado juice is nice... We call it Alpukat here... :)

  7. I love, love, love this post! All those starchy goodness made me so hungry :P.

    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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  9. You got a good shot of the 3-way! Grrr ... the sun got into my camera :(