What is Your Favourite Pad?

Not Ipad la.

I’m talking about your monthly girly pad.

Here’s a photo of me sitting in my office.

sitting in office

Yes I have an office. *surprised surprised*

As in I do go to an office, I do have my dedicated desk where I have my laptop and monitor screen placed, and I even have my own pink office chair! (but no I don’t have a job T_T, yet)

pink chair and pad

Oh, what’s that on the chair?

Hah! That, my friend, is my favourite pad!

looking elsewhere

My Whisper Ultra, which I store it in my office cabinet.

Who knows one might need it at any time of the day. In case of heavy flow, a quick fix to the toilet will just do the job. Leaving you feeling all fresh and lovely again! ^^

pad sticking out of packaging

You know how annoying it is when you sit all day long in an office on a heavy period day, soon you’d feel “icky” down there?

Well Whisper Ultra will provide you the dry feeling so you won’t squeeze your legs together the whole time while typing away on your keyboard.

whisper ultra pad

Best way to keep fresh and dry all day long is to keep changing your pad often, for hygiene purposes. I bet there are a lot of you girls out there who wear one pad and last for the whole day.

Ew. It’s a big NO NO!

Always have a couple, if can the whole pack, ready whenever you’re in the office, keep one or two in your handbag when you go out and always wash (if you can) before you change a new one.

That way, you will stay hygienic clean and fresh throughout your whole period!

I love it because it’s slim.

flimsy pad

So slim I can just slide it in my purse (because real girls don’t need pockets).

pad and purse

And won’t be obvious when you wear it with a pink tight! ;)

It’s pink.

And it matched my baby pink pouch and blackberry phone.

pink pouch phone and pad
I call it my pink emergency kit.

With Whisper Ultra, I can keep on rocking in the office!


Keep motivated!


And keep me fresh and dry all day long.

white hearts

Actually I just want to post all three photos up. :p


9 kissed Nicole

  1. ive been using whisper ultra for quite sometime now, and i LOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it! i cant do with other brand. whipsper is not only thin, it is also soft and dry.
    i usually use maxi pad because it holds longer. :)
    btw, nice pics! muaaahh!!

  2. it looks like you really don't have anything to do in the office

  3. How come you've got an office without a job? Do you get pay without a job as well? :P

    By the way I use Whisper Ultra too...though it seems they've changed the packing?

  4. I will have to talk to my gf to try it .......

  5. Creative advert! Now I feel like switching.....

  6. I like Stayfree Ultrathin :)

  7. so fuckableeee, i will do now thinking uuu... why never put this type of sexy pics but with full body?
    when u sit on ur "office" chair and u show all ur legs

  8. Haha, my heart goes for Kotex! But nice ad btw :D

  9. Ive been using Whisper (without wings) for almost 10 years... n i choose kotex (blue) for my pantyliner... i just love them... btw, i lile ur ad.. :)