Everything in Africa is big

...so said one of the winners of Nestle Drumstick contest when we were all looking at South African ostrich egg,

different eggs
from left: ostrich egg, emu egg, rhea egg, chicken egg.

African elephants are big, Rhinos are big, the eggs are big, the birds are big, even the male Africans'.... *cough*

ostrich head and african head

Moving on.

After landing in Cape Town along with the Nestle Drumstick group, we were swept straight into Cape Town to begin our adventurous tour.

We stopped by our first destination: Ostrich Farm!


I've been to Ostich Farm in Malaysia. And it is nothing like the ones here.

First back home, the ostrich farm is like some dodgy farm with old shacks put together, mostly mud and dirty flooring everywhere.

The birds look like they're entering mid-age crisis with balding body, few shreds of features here and there, and honestly, last I heard the ostrich there were so malnutrition-ed, they could only lay an egg every half a year.

But in South Africa, ostriches live in luxury!

Just look at the vast area they're allowed to run it for two birds!

ostrich farm

Not to mention a 5-star view as a backdrop.

If I can wake up everyday to this view, I'd die a happy ostrich.

Before we begin, here are a few fun facts about ostriches:

A female ostrich shows remarkable ability to recognize her own eggs even when mixed in with those of other females in their communal nest.

Ostriches are so powerful that a single kick at a predator, such as a lion, could be fatal. (I should ride an ostrich in an African safari)

Ostriches stretch out their neck and lay their head on the ground to keep from being seen, hence the myth that ostriches hide in the sand.

When fully grown an ostrich has one of the most advanced immune systems known to mankind. (so they can eat anything)

Ostriches are not an endangered species; there are at least 2 million worldwide. (no one can say eating ostriches are cruel or unethical now)

Ostrich meat is a red meat and is very low in cholesterol, calories and is almost fat free. (I will eat this everyday from now on)

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. (pea-brain, hahaha)

So what do we do in an ostrich farm?


We saw ostrich eggs.

empty ostrich shells

We saw ostrich hatchling. (or the preserved one).

little ostrich

We saw whelps (baby ostriches).

baby ostriches

We saw teenager ones.

baby ostrich head

And then we saw the adult ones.

i can fly

open mouth

Love the features. They're so pretty.

pretty features on an ostich

Did the infamous I-step-on-ostrich-eggs-in-South-Africa tradition.

standing on ostrich egg 1

standing on ostrich egg 2

standing on ostrich egg 3
not easy to stand on eggs with heeled boots!

Ate the eggs eventually.

ostich egg on plate

Saw a naked bush-lady (female counterpart of the bush-people)

naked bush woman

or the portrait of it

Saw some ostrich eggs merchandises.

shells display

Saw a guy "stroke" an ostrich.

niki stroking ostrich

Rode an ostrich myself.

stroking the neck

Getting on one was quite difficult.

riding an ostrich

cooing ostrich neck
*must stroke to keep it calm*

And finally, almost got "poked" by an ostrich while taking this photo.

run to pose with ostrich

Never prod an ostrich.

They might be dumb, they're still bigger than you!


4 kissed Nicole

  1. OMG. This reminded me the time I kena chased by ostrich. Scary yo....

  2. love your bag... what brand is it? hehe... i know... I probably should be commenting on the ostriches but I like your bag better :P

  3. malaysia also has this

  4. jerine: hahaha.. pain or not? :p
    evelin: it's Guess. :)
    matjoe: african ostrich eggs are the biggest in the world. :)