We managed to survived countless macet ("traffic jam" in Indonesia) in Jakarta and made it back to KL at midnight last night.

It was a good shopping spree trip for each of us, though I wasn't even intending to spend in the first place, it's hard not to in Bandung and Jakarta.

Especially when you can get your hands on these cool boutique clothes, really unique and creative and obtainable no where else but Indon.

chic me
Bought all these in a boutique (or two) in Bandung. All of us went crazy. Oh, shoe from Crocs, not from indon.

Totally love my purchases. This outfit is SOO ME!

you're what you tweet


cool hat and shirt

Thanks Garuda Malaysia for sending us there.

group photo in accor

all bloggers: (from left) Thomas, Hanis, Me, Joe, Niki, and Ivy (our Garuda mommy)

We call it the #chomel group (twitter hashtag). Inspired by Hanis.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Tak chomel - you didn't link me. *hmpphh* Tak nak kawan!

  2. Oops, copy and paste the wrong link. Haha. Jangan merajuk, I change now.

  3. hey i cant help but notice, your complexion is SOOOOOOOO much better! perfect even!

    your collagen drink thing must be really working

    (i know this comment super tak kena with the post..but oh well.)

  4. U've just inspired me to spend more in Jakarta next year. :)

  5. wow!! love that cap and the t-shirt,can i get one? ;p the words can make a good sentence "You're what you tweet and fuck the rest" :p that's really reflected a life as a tweeterers ;p

  6. ayuhh comelnye kamu Nicole. nice and enjobale trip must be. count me in the next trip ya at