Colorful Malay Quarter

Many years ago when someone tells me he comes from Cape Town of South Africa, I would be surprised to find that he's white.

Little did I know that Cape Town was populated with a lot of whites, mainly descendants from the Netherlands (or Dutch) when they first arrived and settled in Cape Town in the 15th century.


Hence nowadays South Africans consists of mainly colored people, either Africans or mix European + African or Caucasians.

cape town centre

Cape Town is really beautiful.

beautiful cape town

Many parts of the town are modernly furnished and the most expensive residential area there can be 10 times more expensive than all of KL's properties combined (well no statically proven but you get my point).

beautiful cape town beach

It has the best view of Indian Ocean in the whole continent.

But of all the colors and characters the town has to offer, my favourite has to be The Cape Malay Quarter.

three colors

Probably the most colorful streets consist of the most varied colored buildings.

malay quarters

Walking through here was like walking through fantasy land is Disneyland, only real people live in these houses.

colorful malay quarters

The Malay Quarter existence goes way back to the 18th century when slavery was brought over, along with the Netherlands settlers, from Indonesia, South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, etc. But mainly Indonesia.

Hence contrary to popular belief, quite a large group of Muslim community lives here in Cape Town.

Optimal place with plenty of photo opportunities.

red bike pink building

pink staircase

green wall

yellow 122 building

So if you want to quick halal fix or savour the local taste of Malay cookery, there are quite a good number of restaurants that serve just that here.

And don't forget to keep a look out for this shop.

muslim butch

I don't know which is funnier:

"Slim Butch"

"Muslim Butch"

Or the whole "Muslim Butchery"

Ermm.. Anyone up for Muslim Butchery? It's halal.

(PS: before you go all racist-accusation on me, this is a real shop with real name in Cape Town. And I do believe the butchery is halal for Muslims. So if you want to think the above statement otherwise, don't blame me for your rotten mind. :) )


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