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Few weeks ago I was given a few samples of Lactacyd to try out.

cookie with 250ml lactacyd

You know.

the Feminine Wash.


Now we all know feminine wash has been around for ages. It’s been on commercials, ads and pharmacies have encouraged us to switch from normal soap to feminine wash to wash our intimate areas. But face it, how many of us have actually used it.

Like most girls I know, we always wanted to know what the point of using feminine wash is when we can just use soap. Most of us seem to be getting along just fine without it right?

This is just for illustration. I actually use shower gel. :p

So I decided to go online and ask a friend.

chat 1
chat 2
chat 3
chat 4

Well. I guess I will be keeping to using feminine wash from now on. *high maintenance*

Apparently as you grow older, the risk of getting your genital area infected is higher. The worst case could even be yeast infection. And using a feminine wash can help prevent that with its Lactic Acid content to help create a healthy environment for healthy bacteria to grow instead of washing it away like most of us do.

I highly recommend Lactacyd since it’s one of the most recognized brand of feminine wash around. Credible and trust-worthy.

sheepy with 40ml lactacyd
This is the small bottle which I’m going to give Vanilla. Wanted to use it for my travels initially, oh well.

Lactacyd Intimate contains both lactic acid (which is very similar to the PH level of your intimate area) and natural milk extract (that gives a moisturized feel after shower, it rehydrates the area).

It also has floral fragrance so it keeps your down there feeling and smelling fresh! (Haha… smelling fresh)

If you’re interested to know more about maintaining a good personal feminine hygiene, here’s an article I found that you might find helpful, and interesting too. The Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to keeping your vahjayjay fresh and clean!

fun article 2

O sh*t… I just wore my jeans without undies the other day. @_@


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Jeans without underwear, so sexy. Me likey.

  2. ain't lactobacillus the same as the one you get in your stomach from yakult?

  3. lol at the last sentence! XD

  4. i had infections last time due to unknown reasons and the gynae himself actually advice me that i do not have to use feminine wash. Gentle soap and warm water is the best thing to use.
    I think all these feminie washes are very over rated.