Cookie on Glutton Trip

Guess where~~~~~

cookie in penang

Penangnites! Cookie has landed in your home town.

Two weeks ago. :p

Cookie: "I is very happy when mother said she wanna bring me to go on a road trip. Even though the whole day was very hot, especially inside the car.

but Cookie saw a lot of things, even took photo with the infamous, err... tao sa pia shop. Don't know what is that but mom says it's very famous in Penang.

Is it?

Food was very nice.

We ate food the whole day. I don't know how did Cookie manage to eat so much food, mommy said Cookies tummy very small, but cannot makan alot.

Some food were quite normal.

Like this pork trotter? and steam chicken.


daddy call this white chicken. i wonder why.

Some food was not so common.

It was my first time trying white curry noodle.


I like this. It's not the spicy curry Cookie normally has.

Cookie don't like too spicy food.

But mommy added chili oil in hers and then her white curry became normal curry again.

We also had a lot of char kuey tiao.

Mommy said it's very famous in Penang, just like the tao sa pia.


We tried this one that tasted yummy. But mommy said it's very expensive. I think it was RM7 per plate.

Is it expensive? I don't know.

My favourite dish was the kuey chap.

It's like this dish where you have all the organs of an animal, duck i think, chopped and mix in a bowl of soup. The soup is black color. It looks like some herbal soup, Cookie was quite scared to eat it at first but it's super yummy when I first drink the soup.


Feels like baby food, all mix in one. hehe.

Mommy was crazy over a soup also. But she says it's a dessert soup.

I think it's called lim chi kang.


Weird name.

But tastes very nice. Sweet and cold. I think mommy likes cold sweet things.

She drank two bowls. So greedy.

I hope mommy will bring me on another road trip soon.

Cookie likes road trip.

Mommy said she would go on a diet for one week after that day.

I always hear her says that.

I wonder what it means."


5 kissed Nicole

  1. It's known as Lian Chi kang - Lian Chi is lotus seed, kang is paste/ thick soup. But it doesn't look like how it's suppose to be. Heh the way, nice cover up.

  2. Haha, so cute!! With all the mummy and daddy are turning into Cheesie la, with her style when she first got Cheddie...

    By the way, all that food looks so good! *sigh* Please poslaju some to me... :P

  3. Wah Penang food!!!!! I'm a Penangite, studying overseas. All your pictures of Penang food makes me so hungry. Craving for all of the now :(

    Yes Him Heang tau sa piah is really famous in Penang. Penangites living in Australia are known to cart BOXES (1 box has a dozen) of it to Australia. Haha... one of them is me!

    And the curry mee is like that in Penang - can adjust your level of spiciness.

    And and Char Koay Teow - yes RM7 is EXPENSIVE! Normally with egg and prawns, only RM4-5.

    And and yeah lim chi kang is clear soup in Penang...

    And white chicken? Pek cham keh (literally: white chopped chicken).

    Love love your blog :)

  4. haha, really adorable nicole! love cookie entries.

  5. White chicken is a Cantonese way of decribing the method of cooking the chicken. 白斩鸡.