I stood in front World Cup Stadium 2010!

Short note: I'm flying to Langkawi tomorrow! Yay!! Westin Langkawi here I come!

I saw it!

I really saw it!

Yep. Seeing it live in my face. I was in South Africa to witness the actual World Cup Stadium 2010!

at world cup stadium south africa

When they stopped me in front of this building, I didn't realize the significance of it until, well, until I came back from the trip.

nicolekiss in south africa

Told you I was blur then.

We saw the old small ugly stadium next to the newly built World Cup stadium and they were halfway demolishing it when we were there. But didn't get to snap a quick shot at the old stadium.

stadium 2010

The stadium were among of the 12 stadiums located all over South Africa. Pretty impressive, seeing that it can accommodate 69k audience compared to the old stadium which could only accommodate 18k audience.

You could imagine what it would be like when the actual FIFA World Cup day arrives.

So a note to all visitors to the World Cup this coming June....

prohibited items

Make sure your wines and micro-cameras are well kept hidden upon entrance.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. And whoooooo took these shots for you? :P

  2. reply to the comment above: must be niki cheong.. =)

  3. Hye u look good in all pink + white jacket! =) Must b ur height, i cant pull of something like that, i'm too short

  4. There is a signboard like that too outside Bukit Jalil, but camera flashes, foods and drinks are everywhere while you are inside the stadium!

  5. did u mange to get inside the stadium?