17 Random Things To Do in Cape Town

1. Go Shopping!

waterfront mall victoria wharf

Try waterfront. Also known as Victoria Wharf mall.

waterfront and yachts

It's like KLCC to them.

2. Eat!

jewel of india restaurant

Really, try anything but Indian food.

red ceiling

No matter how good it looks.

dinner settings

Or how good it taste.

fried stuff

You're in South Africa for god's sake.

lobster.. ermm...

3. Drink!


Ever heard of South African wines?

Welcome to a country that produces its own alcohol.

Two words:


and Plentiful.

4. Take photo with a white South African!

me and captain

just for shits.

or to prove to your friends that South Africans are not (all) black? LOL.

5. Buy Some Useless Things

beaded ostrich egg

Preferably something local. (You know, to show that you've been to South Africa)

Like a hand crafted embroidery ostrich egg.

Nothing can be more "South African" than that!

Or you can buy an ostrich lamp with shapes of natives dancers crafted on it.

ostrich lamp

This particular one looks like he's stroking his....

dancing african ostrich lamp

6. Listen to African Songs

south african cd songs

They're actually pretty cool when you're feeling funky.

It's like songs for the funky moods.

7. Buy Some Expensive Useless Things

animal big 5 chess

Decorate your house with it to show that you're sophisticated.

Think a piece of zebra skin on your floor in your wooden looking living room.

8. Go Shark Cage Diving


And get a piece of cheap ink printed cert to prove that you've been brave.

me in thick wetsuit ready for shark dive

9. Take Silly Photos

me wearing african hat

We all have to do it at some point.

10. Visit Malay Quarter

colorful malay quarters

Cause it's colorful there.

11. Go Up Table Mountain

chilling on table mountain 3

Where else you find a flat-top mountain for you to cam-whore.

12. Go On A Road Trip

google map from cape town to shark dive

To anywhere.

Preferably along a coast.

Why not?

Cape Town has really nice mountain view and sea view.

chapman's peak view

And really narrow cliff roads to add the tinge of excitement.

chapman's peak
Try Chapman's Peak. It's said to have killed many (reckless?) drivers.

13. See a Seal


A whole colony of them.

14. See a Penguin


Or two.

lover penguin

Or three.

penguin three way

15. Bring One Home

hugging penguin


16. Visit Cape of Good Hope

cape of good hope

Because it's iconic.

Just because.

snapping photo

Lastly, and most importantly.

17. Visit Lighthouse near Cape of Good Hope

light house

Several reasons:

The view up there is amazing.

It overlooks Cape of Good Hope.

It's historical as well as iconic.

Last but not least,

you have noooooooooo idea how great it would do to your hair.

good hair day

Good hair day if you ask me.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. great entry, I am loving your blog! :D

  2. I feel happy stumbling upon this entry, I was there when I was a kid. It's so, so nostalgic seeing some of the great photos you took, where once upon a time I was there :) Great photography skills too, keep it up!

    Did you observed that the ocean colour to your left was greenish and to the right was blueish when you were at the Lighthouse?

  3. i love ur hair, i love the "bring one home", i tot it's real penguin who knows.. =.=" u are so lucky nicole T.T once day when i got enuf money, sure will go travelling one

  4. I LOL-ed at the last pic. Your hair is awesome.. xD

  5. that a lots of things to do. sure i a fun trip

  6. Hi nicole.

    Haven't pay any visit to your blog for some times. Am grateful that I found this post. Interesting and haha.. nice good hair day you have there.. =P

  7. Just found your blog, and beautiful eyes. Meet me in the Grand canyon, OK?