My Iphone Stolen

Damn emo day for me.

My Iphone was stolen today at Pavilion while attending the World Milk Day.

It was my own carelessness also la.

But I just left the table for less than a minute before this guy came and "conveniently" took my Iphone 3GS left on the previous table and LEFT!

By the time I realised my phone wasn't with me (which was less than 5 mins since I left it), it was obviously no where to be found.

How do I know? Because the whole thing was captured on CCTV!!

F*ck that bastard.

I hope he rots. I hope the Iphone explode in his face also!


Damn no mood to blog. :(

Might upload the video of the CCTV when I have the time.

Freaking super emo. It's not just about the monetary value of the phone (don't know about you, but yes the phone is expensive la for me); it's a sentimental phone my baby got for me for our anniversary during our Europe trip together.

It was a UK phone and it was only recently legally unlock from O2. Damn that lucky bastard.

Stupid local telco can't help me trace that fella down (my sim card was active even after two hours after being stolen, I think that person don't know how to switch it off), said unless I work closely with CIA they can't do anything about it. I don't want to mention which telco la, just damn sad la.

Maybe when tomorrow I feel better I will tell more about it.



12 kissed Nicole

  1. hope you get your iphone back :)

    I was already heartbroken when i scratched my ipod.

  2. Mobile Me to remote wipe off the iPhone for good, if u're using the service.

  3. Just got my BB stolen. Definitely know how you feel.

  4. If you have the original receipt and the IEME number from when it was unlocked by O2 it can be disabled from all networks in seconds, by any telco, or apple. Doesn't get it back but at least you know its useless to anyone!

  5. I'm so sorry... :( Thieves are the lowest of the low. Well, murderers are worse I suppose...but still.

  6. That's too bad, you should totally upload the CCTV of it though

  7. That Bastard will rot definately....!!!

  8. If you have IMEI number, then police can track down your phone. When a phone is used its IMEI number is broadcast to the cellular service provider. Using which they can track down the thief (or person he sells it to) if he/she intends to use it in the near future.

    You can know the IMEI number by pressing *#06# (but you do not have phone). The IMEI number is written on the receipt of purchase when you buy the phone. Police can also request the IMEI number used at your SIM card for last month from your cellular service provider.

  9. I am so sorry to hear that. I pray for you to get your iPhone back too.

  10. can't you get the local telco or service center to see what number that guy call....using that number, call that person and interrogate him/her....

    Or do you have any friends working in maxis or digi or....they may able to help..

    It's worth to catch the thief

  11. Sorry for the lost, I used to work in local Telco call centre before. No such thing as blocking or tracing using the IMEI number.

    Our tech is not that advance, once it gone, it gone forever..sorry

    and btw, polica not gonna waste time to track a phone..U know la, they'll tell u to go buy a new phone.