What To Do When You Get Stung by Sea Urchins?

Before I forget, I want to share with the rest of you what happened on Tioman Island despite obtaining both of our certs, me falling ill and got stranded on our way back.

tioman beach

Now as you may have read on my first introduction to diving in Tioman island that the island reef was filled with poisonous sea urchins, especially on shallow sea water.

sea urchins

Yea, these little stingers might look cute, and even a delicacies to the Japanese (they call it Uni),

sea urchin in clamp

But oh, when you stepped on them, their poisonous stingers will pierce through you skin like swords, break apart from their body and leave the stingers in your skin.

sea urchin sting sticking out

This is Gerald's leg.

Now if you keep track of youtube channels and is a fan of Discovery Channel, you will come across the series Man vs Wild (only the most amazing crazy wild show in the world), where the handsome almighty Bear Grylls shows you how to survive through the most dangerous locations on earth.

He's been stranded in Alaska, Scottish highlands (snow mountains), remote jungles and the hot Sahara desert with nothing but a knife (Gerber Gator) and sometimes a water bottle, and survived!

He's eaten carcass maggots, slept in deer carcass skin, drank Elephant dung juice, eaten live frogs, snakes and lizards, and done anything that's humanly impossible and is probably the MANliest man on earth at the moment.

He's my man (so hot I melted)

In this episode where he was stranded in a remote island in Indonesia, Bear talks about sea urchins and their stings, and how to treat it.

(Watch, you'll know)

Right. Bear might know ONE way of treating sea urchin wounds.

But as I've heard from the locals, there are actually TWO ways to treat these wounds.

FIRST, is the African way. Basically, you just leave it as it is, and it will heal and melts off in your body.

SECOND, is the Asian way (our way, oh yea).

And I am going to show you the Asian way of Treating Sea Urchin Wound.

1. You'll need a victim.

gerald the victim

The wound, when first stung, would be something like this.

sea urchin sting sticking out

Many little thorns sticking out from your skin

2. Get a plank/piece of wood.

3. Beat it, HARD.

Like Bear said, you take a piece of wo0d and beat it till all the stingers break off.

hitting with plank

4. Rub lime/lemon onto wound

This is to kill bacteria, or disinfect your wound.

rubbing lime

5. Beat again. Till blood stains appear.

According to the local uncle, he said this is very important so as to prevent swelling the next day.

How true, god knows. But it's fun to watch!!! LOL

In fact, I've recorded the beating process. This, you must watch!! :D

Bahaha.. I can't stop laughing every time I watch this video *tears*. I'm so mean.

This is the photo of Gerald's leg after the 10 minute beatings.

sea urchin stung
see the blood stains?

Amazingly, superstitious or true remedy, god knows, the next day the wound didn't look that bad after all.

aftermath of sea urchin stung

Despite reddish skin (obtained from beating ;p), there was no swelling nor rashes.

It actually worked!!

I must say, this is the oddest treatment to a wound I have ever seen.

But hey, whatever works right?


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  1. well at least he is okay. Whoever hits him with the plank must have gotten lots of satisfaction.ahahhaha

  2. hehe... poor Gerald... I wonder y u were stung... :p

    the pictures actually sent me goosebumps...

  3. A good reason to beat him up, WHACK!

  4. Hey there nicole, wat brand camera u're using, is it water proof? nice pictures u took !! :) reply me aSAP at my chatbox ei ^.^ thanks

  5. Very interesting Nicole - thanks for sharing this (also the Bear Grylls YT video)! Never know when I might get stranded on an island, besides getting stung by urchins. ;-)

  6. Did he get a shot of whiskey after being brave?

  7. lol! what a torture. Supposed to pull out that thorns first and wash the wound with lemon lah. I kena gigit juga dulu rasa nya macam nak mati saja.

  8. Haha! Gerald kena "rotan"! Thanks for the tips Nicole!

  9. OMG.... I can't stand it. It looks so painful and yet you can laugh?

  10. that's look like a horror movie... no wait probably can add this to one episode of LOST :-)

  11. Another method is piss on the wound. LOL! Is true...

  12. ugh those stingers are nastyy..and the treatment method is..nasty too lol

  13. I was just stung on koh larn in Thailand. I was given the traditional method of lime and a beer bottle beating on my foot. I also drank a beer while this was going on which definitely improved my spirits. It is one day later and my foot is in great shape. Crazy but it works!