Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk, Sydney

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Those of you who have been to Sydney or who have heard a fair deal about Sydney, will know about Bondi Beach.

beautiful landscape at bondi beach

If you have not been to Bondi Beach, let me tell you, it's like Beverly Hills up there. Or even Manhattan, where all the rich and famous live. Young and beautiful housewives jogging all day long by the beach, with their beautiful pooch or studly hounds and ipods plugged in their ears.

It's like a Hollywood lifestyle dream, but Sydney style.

Now when you are in Sydney, you should, nay, must! go for a walk at Bondi Beach.

And I don't mean guy-chasing-after-girl-slow-motion-romantic-movie-splashing-water-giggling-by-the-white-sandy-beach-under-the-sunset kind of walk.

Oooh.... that I don't mind though. Growl~

I mean a real walk, that takes hour(s) to complete.

Kind of like my Great Ocean Roadtrip in Melbourne, but this time, you're walking (yes, with your own two feet).

There are many walks one can take at Bondi, whether toward or setting off from.

coogee to bondi walk

Some of the main walks are the walk from Bondi to Maroubra Beach which would take 3~4 hours

Or the shorter one which is the Bondi to Bronte Coast Walk, probably an hour or so.

But the more local known was the Coogee to Bondi Beach Walk.

Walking time: 2 hour (if leisure walk), 3 hours (if pause to take photos every now and then)

How to get to Coofee Beach:
You can take State Transit Bus services 372, 373, 374 to Coogee Beach from Sydney Central Business District at regular intervals.

So Stuart and I started off from Coogee Beach at 1pm.

sunny day at the beach

Sunny, cold, bright beautiful people and white sandy beaches.

Coming from Malaysia where islands and beaches are like our home or next door neighbours, as much as I love the beach, it has never been that big of a hoo-ha for me.

For one thing, I would start jumping around shouting for joy when I spotted the edge of the beach from afar.

But I would still have to admit that the view at Coogee beach here was spectacular.

coogee beach

starting point at coogee

Makes you wonder if you're living in a desktop wallpaper.

Stuart led me to climb the hill next to the beach, which I habitually followed. (pilot mode)

on the hill

It was late August when set foot in Sydney, and I was glad to be finally moving north again, but it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be as compared to Canberra. By late August, the weather was beginning to warm.

some weird art

Care to take a bath? Kidding, this is a memorial of the local Australians who died of Bali bombings in 2002

As we move toward Gordons Bay, the path brought us higher.

rocky cliffs

And higher.

warning sign

Till it was another spectacular view round the corner.

just around the corner

And then I was standing on rocky stones overlooking the bluest sea off the coast of Sydney.

emo pic

standing on bondi cliff

me standing at bondi cliff

After the bay you will come to a car park which you need to walk pass toward Clovelly Beach.

Where you will be greeted with a beautiful scene (like in the first photo) of many gorgeous (an expensive) properties by the hillside along the coastal line.

at the edge of rocky cliff
Careful, it's a long way down.

Now on the way to Bondi, you will come across the most idyllic location for a graveyard - Waverly Cemetary.

graveyard at bondi

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it's where you will find some of the very famous Australians buried (either rich, or famous, or both).


I remember how my mom always remind me (for a good reason and measure) that when she move on in this world, she would want me to take her ash and spread it over the sea, back to the nature and let it float away.

waves at the edge

With a view like this, I really couldn't find a better place for anyone to rest in peace.

rocky surface at bondi beach

Walk down the path and around the corner,

small sidewalk on bondi beach walk

you will head straight into Bronte and Tamarama beach.

Now this is where you will start seeing lots of rich beautiful and young ladies, with their posh ipods, jog around in their matching jumpers and pants.

And drool at dozens of million dollar (or tens of millions) properties rising up from the hill as you walk pass.

expensive houses at bondi

okay, make that hundreds of those million dollars houses.

bondi houses

If you're feeling overwhelmed and have a sudden tendency to marry rich, I suggest to focus your visual on the sea.

crazy surfers at bondi beach sea

Even though it's getting warmer, the sea was still pretty cold in that time of the month, but looked closely and you would find lots of crazy Australians surfers trying to kill themselves at sea.

crazy surfers at sea close up

After the last corner of Mackenzies Point, you will finally be able to spot Bondi in a close distance!

speck of sunlight

Oh darn, the sun was setting.

So we quickened our pace down the stone curve and windy pathways.


We managed to catch the view of Bondi as the sun hits the shore.

spectacular bondi

Now let me tell you a bit about Bondi's properties.

Take any of those these beautiful landed properties/houses, with full on sea view, you will be looking at an easy AUD3 millions per unit.

beautiful houses at bondi

Now I want to introduce a man here, who has been living in Bondi for the past 35 years, on the cliff overlooking a AUD3 million dollars view, without needing to pay a single cent since the day he moved in.

I even went to his mansion to have a peep (really!), though unfortunately it seemed that the man of the house has stepped out during my visit there.

If you're ever in town, please drop by his place, say hi to him for me. His house might not be easy to access to, but it's not impossible.

You will require a bit of trick to find your way there.

And I can teach you how.


When you passed Mackenzies point, head straight till you are at the cliff facing the other end of Bondi Bay, like this.

beautiful houses at bondi

Now stepped over the cliff, and lean your body outward, tilt your head downward.

And hah! You can see his mansion from where you are standing.

gypsy place at bondi

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me welcome you to the humble home of the Gypsy of Bondi.

Don't underestimate this guy, he's been living here for so long, when the estate builder wanted to chase him out of his shelter, the locals actually had a petition to have him stay seeing that he has been there for almost forever, he's like part of Bondi now, and the petition won!

He has everything there, his thrown seat, his wok, his bedroom, his night light, his fishing rod for entertainment and food, his wardrobe closet, etc. He's living a king's life!

Not forgetting overlooking the most expensive view in Bondi Beach.

gypsy house
I wonder how he climbs down there everyday.

Someone hand me a rope, I'm gonna invade his house.


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  1. All i want is the water... and you of course!

  2. Wow, that guy must be a local legend, huh?

    And the photos are beautiful! (I'm trying not to sound like a broken record...which is why sometimes I don't leave comments -_- )

  3. Sounds like a nice walk :) Will try to do that if I ever go back to Sydney.

  4. Sydney, What a beautiful city!

    Will make a plan to go there by end of this year :-)

  5. such a nice place for vacation ;-)

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  8. Hi Nicole,
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  9. hey Nicole...we share the same reaction of looking @ the sea!I go bonkers wen i just feel the sea breeze...don't u just laaave tht feeling!!!

  10. Reading your post brings back beautiful memories of yesteryears. In the mid eighties I lived for a short while in Randwick (Princess St.) then at Coogee (Coogee Bay Road?). The best is still Coogee though the rent was the highest ever!
    Best quality of life ever, sometimes makes me wonder why I returned to Malaysia. Btw, I used to deliver pizzas for suburbs like Maroubra and Mattraville. Thanks for blogging on these areas.

  11. Indeed quite a scenery walk. I will go for a walk along the Li River, Guilin this August, and I hope I can catch beautiful scenery there too!