Short Note: Tioman Tioman here I come! Taking my Advanced Open Water this weekend! Woo!! Thanks Loyd!

When I first heard about sunburst, I thought…

“wow, big bang”


But of course it was far from what I originally thought as the sun or planet bursting into a billion pieces and formed the solar system and many other systems in the universe…

I was close enough.

Well, there is going to be a big bang. Bang your music that is. Sunburst KL09 is a huge concert gathering all the top local and international acts held by UOX.

I’ll name your some of them: Hujan, Bunkface, Meet Uncle Hussain (haha cute name), Skye, Korn (I wonder if their songs are corny).

And show you all the artists.

acts 1
acts 2
acts 3
acts 4

Now can you tell me who is who? (I pay you RM1 if you can)

Like every concert, and every kiasu ppl out there (such as me), there are ALWAYS ways to win free tickets.

But first, you have to be an UOX member. (What? You’re not? Just join la, so easy.)


If you’re chosen, you win 2 FREE concert tickets worth RM406 in total! (I love free things)

OR… you do this,

So to win a pair of exclusive Meet & Greet passes + 2 FREE tickets worth RM203 each, you will have to…

1. Record your “I WANT TO BE AT SUNBURST KL09” video/picture
2. Send video/picture via MMS to 26388 before 18th March 2009.

To rate, go to from mobile and choose Fun Stuff -> MeTV -> Sunburst.

Now tell me my hand is pretty.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Your hand is pretty =p

  2. You are just ADORABLE!!!!!

  3. lol so cute
    i like the "YES YOU" part lol lol lol

  4. leeling: aweee~~~ thank you!
    casey: u too!!!!
    cindee: oh man, i don't bear to watch it myself, thank god i only humiliated my hand.

  5. Wah, U noe how to sell ur lady like attitute even with ur fingers wor...cute...(^_^)"

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! Yr Fingering is so powderful.

  7. little worm13/3/09 9:59 AM

    ur fingers r nice~like qian jing xiao jie's hand~wakaka~

  8. i tell you who? its KORN!!!
    and thier song is not corny!

    but dont think its your kind of music's ler. its metal. go to youtube and look for
    KORN - A.D.I.D.A.S

  9. Nicole, you are really awesome. Thumbs up, Up and UP!

  10. Oh my.. I fall in love with Miss Kiss's handbag! Hahaha...
    Creative work you have there Nicole.. ;)

  11. Hi Nicole, I have been following your blog for a while now...started when I was living and working in KL, now I am back to Aus (almost a year now) where I am originally from and have started blogging again. Just wanted to introduce myself and say 'Hi' :).