Popping by the Queen Victoria Building

Kif pointed at a building across the street: "This is the building I want to bring you to, it's one my favourites, and I think you will like it too."

Queen Victoria Building

So we walked across the street and straight into QVB, short for Queen Victoria Building.


The building has stood here since 1898 and is now a building housing many coffee shops and fashion stores, kind of like a posh looking shopping mall. Can read about its history here.

interior of QVB

There was this very cool little lift inside the building that I couldn't stop fussing about. It's one of those pretty ancient little metal boxes that you only see in the movies.

old small lift

Those creepy motel movies.

entering lift

Can't feel it?

Let me change the background.

ghostly photo

Feel it yet?

Yea, that's the feeling the lift was giving me.


Inside the lift was all wired fence and it even had the jerks old lifts have when they move up or down.

inside of lift

It was cute, fun and exciting in a way. For me at least.

coming out from lift

The QVB was really a pretty little mall, with many nice boutiques and shops, nice architectures and interior.

Kif emo photo.

I especially love the clock tower inside. It's a beautiful clock for one thing. The design was very unique and exquisite.

beautiful clock in QVB

For one thing, it has a ship that goes round the clock sailing through "time" over some of the well known destinations in Australia.

ship going through great barrier reef

When the clock strikes (god knows what time but it seemed to be playing when it struck 4pm when we were there), there was even light-up scenes that depicted an event in the past.

clock tower

I didn't know what historical event was this, all I saw was someone's head being chopped off.

Queen Victoria knighting

And.. Er... that.. must be Queen Victoria?


13 kissed Nicole

  1. owwww....i miss that building...u bring back so much good memories for me...did u know QVB building is owned by a malaysian coorporation in malaysia ?small world eh ?

  2. it was restored by IGB, ipoh garden...

    i thought they owned it as well but according to the official site, there wasn't any indication that IGB owned the building before...

  3. ok...IGB's website says that they do own the QVB...so yeah...

  4. aiyo... the black and grey photo of u entering the lift really looks scary... does the queen need to chop off people's head herself?? i thought she could hire people for that..haha

  5. been reading your blog for quite some time but i feel like you've been traveling around the world forever. how much did u spend so far? that must cost a fortune. ^^

  6. Choping pple head wearing can-can dress?? geeee.....

  7. eh ppl,
    Maybe that is KNIGHTING someone?

  8. eh ppl,
    Maybe that is KNIGHTING someone?

  9. I think that is Queen Elizabeth I.
    Isn't she knighting the Spanish Armada?

  10. Your blog is getting so bore! Australia? thought you went there many months ago. Is outdated. Travel blog? OMG... i rather buy a guidebook.

  11. well there are things that the guide book dont tell u. if you dont like what you are seeing i suggest a few actions. Either u close whatever browser u r using or turn off yr comp simple as that. back to topic...i like yr pics a lot.wished i had a camera when i was there.but yr pics do tell a lot of things that i have seen so i can relate to it.keep it up ! if you ever come to america/uk (i dont know where i am ending up next year) send me an email ill b glad to go "walk-about" with you!

  12. "it even had the jerks old lifts have when they move up or down."
    --> Poor Kif! Why are you calling him a jerk? ;p

  13. The elevator reminds me of the Tower of Terror ride at Disney World. XD A lil creepy indeed.