Lillians Estate House - Vlog

I've been saving this post for a long time.

As for the next few posts, I will be writing about some of the most prestigious places I've stayed over the next few months since Lillians back in August.

From amazing 5 star hotels to some of the most exclusive spas to world class views, but now, let's start with Lillians.

Lillians is a beautiful estate house I stayed in in wine country Hunter Valley, 2 hours drive north of Sydney, courtesy of Bill, manager of Allandale Winery and owner of Lillians.

map to hunter valley
Starting our drive from Sydney

We arrived Lillians shortly after 4 hours in our rental car. (Kif got lost -.-)


Click on the video for the full introduction of this beautiful home in the wine country. Wine lovers, you'll never want to take your honeymoon elsewhere anymore.

Costing $360 per night for the whole unit, staying at Lillians is one of the most romantic experiences I have had since diving with your love ones.



Too bad I wasn't there with my love ones then. sniff.... (Kif, you're a great company. :D)

Couple Jacuzzi!

What I love was the attention to details of Lillians, the candles by the jacuzzi, the scents and shower cream and gel by the toilet sink.

toilet sink

The croissants in the freezer, the milk and wine in the fridge, dish washer and modern cooking devices, the wood by the fireplace, and the music CDs in the DVD player.

master room
Master Bedroom

guest room
Secondary bedroom

rented car in hunter valley

front porch

Next up, more on my experience at Lillians and Hunter Valley. :)


16 kissed Nicole

  1. heyhey, it is a very romantic place to live in, has everything we humans need, and the roos and deers ion the backyard durin the night time, cool, and the fire place, alwiz wanted to experience dat, and btw, gud to know ur back out from the hospital and running, stay healthy k? and keep pumping water in there, cheers :)


  3. the jacuzzi is absolutely inviting...i'm daydreaming right now **giggles**... and the house is so simple and nice and white and tidy and clean...ideal for couple stay, but certainly not for a family with kids...

  4. hi, nicole, wna ask ur opinion on this since u been traveling alot. I'm planning of backpacking to Vientiene and Luang Prabang, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh in 11 days. What do you think? Should or shd not? ;)

  5. That's not a toilet, you fool. That's a freaking bathroom.

    And please, cut that accent. Sounds awful!

  6. Wow! Top of the list is the "Couple Jacuzzi" I want to be in there with my special-mate.

  7. tiger club: *roar!*

    cindy: OMG, it's so totally my dream home. Though i think it's perfect for family too. can bbq outside.

    allison: 11 days is a bit ambitious for so many places but not totally impossible. I'd say go for it!

    thunderbird25: right right? :D

  8. Oh that Jacuzzi looks great!!!

  9. Indeed a nice place for honeymoon!

  10. nice house

  11. no doubt hunter valley is a heap romantic place.. i absolutely love that place <3...
    a total good place to relax n chill out.. glad u had fun =)

  12. wow, what a nice place u have visited..are u a air-stewardess?? flying around the world?? pretty cool..i would also like to travel all around the world, enjoy the greenery of the nature..

  13. To anonymous, Sod it already you fool...

  14. **sniff~~~

    Love your video!

  15. What happened to your accent? Be yourself :)

  16. hey nicole, what abt snakes? the ones that bite of course.