6th day in Hospital

And so... it turns out I am still stuck in this hospital.

Life gets pretty mundane once I got around to consciousness from my sickness.

Previously it was just nauseous and feverish-ly for days, time either went really slow (and painfully) but un-noticingly then, or not-that-slow but incredibly boring like now.

Yes I have been feeling better thank you for asking. No more vomiting, fainting, sudden high fever or fast heart pumping action, etc. I am fit as a fiddle if I may say so myself.


I asked me myself too.

Well apparently since my CT scan, more complications have been found and what was expected to be a one day admittance became a three-day admittance, was soon evolved to 5, 6 as more and more complicatons were found and things-were-not-what-they seemed-mysteries-about-my-body solved,

I've been given antibiotics that cost RM500 per shot, twice a day, only attainable in the hospital and under doctor prescription and advice, and also through the drip hole in my right hand (it has moved from my left because my left hand has swollen on the third day).

HENCE, my stay here.

So now it has become an 8-DAY admittance!!!!!

Eight days!! I have been doing nothing but sleep, sleep, sleep,
then become sleep, eat, sleep, sleep,
then become sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep,
and now becoming sleep, eat, snack, movie, nap, eat, sleep, snack, etc
kind of routine!!!

Do you know how bored this is?!!!!


I miss the outside world.

Has car flown yet?


22 kissed Nicole

  1. you should be in bangkok now if you weren't sick. get well soon.

  2. nop, car still running on the wheels
    get well soon

  3. i wish you a better health and get well soon.

  4. Whoa...lots of complications. Hope they get sorted out soon and you get well. Meanwhile, hang in there!

  5. It doesn't sound so good...
    I hope you get well soon! =(

  6. Actually cars can perform flight now.
    "Terrafugia" (pronounced Terra-FOO-gee-ah) has completed the first successful test of its flying car. The company's Transition Roadable Aircraft Proof of Concept is a two-seat aircraft that can take off and land at local airports as well as drive on regular roads. Converting between the two modes takes all of 30 seconds.
    I have not verified this article yet but if you do, pls let me know.
    You can google "Terrafugia".

  7. take care of your yourself. Check out from the doctor what dease you have? 6 days in the hospital is very long. doctor might want to check whether you have cancer? sexual transit dease and so on. don't be funny by showing people you drink wine veyr often until kidney has poblem. It might not!

  8. no, cars are not flying yet .. pigs are however XD

    okie, not funny ..

    got books to read or not?

  9. Yeahh.. I knw how its feels.. I was 2 weeks in hosp, due to appendicitis.. Good things you don't have to go through any knifes.. Wish you to go out from there soon...very very soon....!!!!

    After this u can fly again, coz u rest tooooo much already... ;-p

  10. hi there, happen to blog hopped into urs. find your blog a very good read as some of the topics are similar to what i touch on :) i hope you get well real soon and recover from your kidney infection.

  11. get well soon my dear nicole.


  12. they probably found a small abscess on the ct or your blood cultures were positive, hence needing all the good stuff through your iv. get well soon!

  13. Aww poor you. Hope that u will get well soon. I remember a few years ago I was admitted to hospital for a major surgery and I stayed in the hospital for one day and the second day I insisted I want to go home. My doctor said that I must stay in the hospital for another day. Luckily my dad is part of the director in the hospital, I managed to go home on the 2nd day. I know how u feel like in hospital but u must get well 1st beforethey will let u out. :)

  14. oh my nicole, feel better soon!!

  15. OMG...get some rest & get well soon...!!! Take good care of your health,ok ;)

  16. Oh... take this opportunity to rest. Get well soon!

    From a not constant visitor.

  17. wish u get well soon

  18. Hey Nicole,

    Much love and hugs go out to you. I know that it is so not fun to be there. I had my own craziness with pneumonia / surgery last year. i.e. Why isn't anyone gifted enough to take a blood sample that doesn't feel like you're being stabbed let alone one every couple of hours??

    This will all pass soon and you'll be well rested for your next adventure. Hang in there! Heather

  19. No, cars haven't flown yet.

    Get well soon.

  20. Hi Nicole,

    I once had 2nd degree chicken pox, its all over my whole body, and was in the hospital for 4 days, dripping antibody fluid, and its only sleep, wake up, pee, eat, sleep..damn boring. Luckily, time finally passed, and i was discharged after the thing subsided. Btw, i am 40 years old when it happened last year, can u imagine, 40 yo having chicken pox! Anyway, cheer up, time will pass, and hopefully, nothing serious happen to you. Take care.

  21. Get well soon Nicole

  22. Wow, didn't know food poisoning can get so severe.