Besties Chat

Seeing that I am still in the hospital.

I will show you some random pictures of me and my best friend chatting while I secretly print-screen them. Hehe~~

On one particular night.

spinning on chair

I got bored so I uncorked a bottle of wine and continued chatting with Gerald.

Was at my second glass at this screen shot.

getting drunk

Sneezing at third glass.


Getting pretty random/high.

being random
pulled random face

We talked about my Koh Samui trip,

drinking wine 1

Where Gerald dropped my precious Ipod Mini into the sea.

drinking wine 2

smiling at screen
"er.. opps? :p"

Then we proceeded to make Caryn jealous because we get to take our Advance before her Open Water. LOL

threesome chat


Man this is really random.

I miss my random posts.


16 kissed Nicole

  1. hey! was blog hopping. cool blog :)

  2. You still in the hospital?? Okay.. gud thing yu have your Ltop.. 2nd good frens after HP.. Take care...

  3. hope you feel better soon...

    wat font are you using on your msn? it's lovely...

  4. Vincent Kok19/3/09 6:09 PM

    at 1st i thought u were chatting in the hospital with him... cause' the background doesn't look like anything from hospital... and WINE? lol... too sleepy to read anything... sighs... but anyway... hope you get well soon ;)

  5. Take care & get well soon!

  6. hey nicole!! Hope you're feeling better =) Will be praying for you =) hehehehe you gotten into the mode of RANDDOM-NESS!! LOLZ!!! haahahha Yay you!!

  7. Good u r chatting away to glory. That shows u r on the road to recovery. Happy chatting n get well soon.

  8. I still can't learn to find webcam + chat interesting, I mean it's interesting to read but not interesting to do.

    But my bro and friends are so addicted with it. Why?


  9. How come you blog like hell even in the hospital you still blog but you don't get free travel or free ticket to go oversea like one?? I really envy him ler.

  10. Wah, so many dragon ball posters. I used to collect one.

  11. I prefer you random post

  12. Hey nicole, it is not such a nice idea to printscreen msn stuff on's just not right!

  13. U look nice in the pictures.

  14. hahaha... walau eh... didn't even know I was printscreened by u... luckily I did not set up my webcam... :p
    yea... its not right u know? :p but... considering that its considered besties chatting... how can we not support ur every action on blog?

  15. What's the name of the font that you are using?