Chocolate Company and Smelly Cheese Shop

While in Hunter Valley, we visited what most wine country must have other than wine, the two most essential food since the creation of bread:

Chocolate and Cheese.

hunter valley chocolate factory

smelly cheese shop sign

I like the Smelly Cheese Shop, the name itself attracted me to venture into the shop for a look see.

smelly cheese shop

Wonder why people always have a tendency towards things that smells, the smellier the better. Like durians for asians.

more cheese

cheese fridge

We bought some really kick ass smelly soft blue cheese on the spot (for our dinner), perfect with some sweet dessert wine.

Next to the smelly cheese shop, we ran into a neat chocolate shop that sold the most interesting chocolate.

chocolate shop next to smelly cheese shop

I was almost tempted to buy a suggest balanced diet from shelves.

balanced diet

Good marketing. Hey, the idea sold (at least to me).

Or you prefer something in case of an emergency.

emergency chocolate

Or something sexy?

oral pleasure chocolate

Something sexier perhaps?

rude food
from Chocolate Company

Welcome to the adult food section.

adult food

First we have something in the male department.

penis cereal

Then to make it fair, something from ladies department.

boobs cereal

And I found something that totally defines me.

chocolate kissing cream

Chocolate Kissing Cream!! Now why didn't I think of that?!

And I almost bought this.

chocolate body paint

You know, for fun? *wink*

I love browsing through chocolate shops, they just either drown you in your own chocolate wonderland, or bring you to drool land.


pretty chocolate bars

Fudge anyone?

And these chocolates were just adorable!

penguin and koala bear chocolates
Penguin and Koala!

chocolate golf balls
Golf balls! Haha!

chocolates galore

But my favourite product of all, has to be this.

chocolate survival bag at chocolate factory

The essential necessity every girl should have - your very own Chocolate Survival Bag.

chocolate survival kit content

It consists of Peanut Chocolates, Chocolate Honeycomb, Chocolate Rocks, Choc Nut Bar, Assorted Chocolates and Candies and finally Chocolate Nut Clusters.

My only dilemma?

me and my chocolate survival kit

The bag, or the rest of the shop.


12 kissed Nicole

  1. australians could really be creative when it comes to chocolates... the variety is totally out of the world and i'm longing to visit that shop now...unfortunately, i'm in uk...

  2. Hey! girl why r u always tempting me with all the sweeties???? I feel u r as sweet as those on the shelves.

  3. omg. nicole, u made me wna visit chocolate company right now. drools :p

  4. and nicole, i just wna add, i 'stole' your the penguins and koalas chocolates pics and put it in my blog. they are just too cute. Hope you don't mind. Thank you. :)

  5. Where Was This Place?


  6. Woww...such a great temptations!!!

  7. The Aussies are so creative, LOL!

  8. Have not been to Australia. But i always have the view that down under is boring. But perhaps the chocs would bring me there sooner or later

  9. Wow, that chocolate shop is so creative! And I don't like browsing in chocolate shops, they make me want to taste every type of chocolate there! But I know I can't... :/

  10. I will definitely have to try these Dick on a Stick's sometime...I mean, Boob Pasta.

  11. OK, Nicole-chocoholic, jangan U dare miss the remaining "Chocolate Paradises around the world" at:

  12. all u mofos just wanna be famous