My Favourite Part of Sydney: Royal Botanical Garden

Short Note: Hohoho, going Tioman next week to take my AOW diving license. Legitimate night dive here I come!

If there is one place that I love Sydney more than anything, it's their Royal Botanical Garden.

botanical garden sign

I know it's odd. Of all places beautiful and amazing in Sydney, why the garden?

sydney botanical garden map

I don't know, seriously. It's me with the nature, and the Royal Botanical Garden is probably the closest to nature I can find in Sydney, apart from the beach. But then again, the Sydney Palace Garden (also called) is not just any garden, it's a paradise, situated strategically next to the water edge's walk from the Sydney Opera House.

kissing sydney opera house

Kif, again, brought me here because he knew this would be a place I would like (according to his guts), and it's also the place where he stole a nap every afternoon after lunch before returning to his office back then. That was before he moved back to Malaysia la.

walk in the park

Also, it's a great place to take some kick-ass photos.

sydney garden fountain

Some of the sculptures here reminded me of ancient Greece, or Rome, or Europe overall actually.

nicolekiss on lion statue

Being bloggers, we kinda went wild with every single stationary objects there.

kif on lion statue

It's always nice to go out with a blogger, we always understand my each other's need to camwhore every 2 steps taken.


Like this sundial, we stood there trying to figure out how to read the ancient clock, but figured that since there was no sun that day, it's impossible to do that. wtf.

hugging the clock
So I hugged the sundial in the end. lol

Taking a walk in the park/garden can be a very romantic thing.

walk in the park

The trees and grass are always so perfect in alignments.

Once or twice you can sit and the bench and cuddle in the cold early spring time, or late autumn.


Take a walk hand in hand down the path surrounds by rainbow color flower beds.

nicolekiss doing the spring walk

Stop to kiss a flower.

kissing a tulip

Or pause to look at pretty little flowers.

small pretty white flowers

little daisies

white daisies

Bathe in the bed of plants.

pretty sharp cactus
No, not these.


That's more like it.

If you really like the flowers you see, you can even buy some seeds of the plant back.

plant sales

Occasionally you'll spot a weird plant you can't put a name on.

weird flower
Looks like some sort of inverted red banana flower.

alien flower

Or a tree that looks like a cactus.

weird tree

Or cactus that looks like cotton buds.

fury cactus

We landed in the cactus park, which was such a delightful area to play in.

deadly cactus

I was am'bushed' by a group of cactusaurers!

the massive huge cactus

Kif found an erected cactus.

kif and his tall thin cactus

I got down to talking emo stuff with a new found cacty friend.

me at a cactus

She had problems with her neighbours you see, they thought she was weird. :((

We found the park to be in its late puberty, because we stumbled across some massive pimples on the earth.

pretty little cactus

Kif tried to cheer them up by doing some quirky stunt next to the riped pimples.

kif in cactus park
see the pimples about to burst soon? so red on the top

It was really a fun and enjoyable walk in the park. The garden was closing when we did our last stroll in the cactus park.

me lying down on cactus park

I was reluctant to leave. :(((


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  1. Australia..Cool..Nice that you are expering the place..Like they say a picture says a thousand words..

  2. damn... lots of cactus... especially the cactusaurers.. lol...

  3. remember to come back after your dive!!!

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  5. wow!! wish i was the lion statue ......

  6. It is an amazing park to visit :)

    nice post and nice blog