Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nicolekiss Road Block Conversation

Short note: Yes!! My entry for Cornetto Love Perhaps is up!! Check it out!

I drove back from work (freelance work ok) last Monday with my ipod shuffle plug into my ears grooving to the latest hits and as usual, ‘forgot’ to fasten my safety seat belt.

But I couldn’t care less as the beats were smooth and I was having a time of my life.
(Kids, please don’t do this at home, else later I kena flamed for being a bad role model I don’t hold responsibility ok)

As I was turning in from NKVE to the LDP highway… boom! A road block.

Man~” (I thought).

A slightly chubby policeman hailed me down immediately from some distances away despite my window being tinted and I was wearing black, I couldn’t figure out how his eyes were so sharp.

I obeyed. Pulled over and park my car behind the line of cars that were the victims in front.

*Wind down window* (change to present tense for realistic effect)

Ei, moi, tak pakai tali pinggang ah” he booms. trans: Hey, you didn’t fasten your seat belt missy.

I smile weakly *slowly take down my sun glasses* (ceh~~ damn lan si wei)

Tak pakai tali pinggang saman seratus tau” the middle age Malay ethnic police continue. That means a fine of RM100 you know

Take out IC, pass to him.

Bang, I student la.” Continue looking for student id in my purse which has few hundreds ringgits stuffed inside. Sir, I’m just a student

Oh, you student ahh..” repeating sarcastically what I’ve just said as though he has heard it a million times. Ohh, you’re just a student huh…

Pass him my valid student id.

Ya lah, student la, tak ada duit la” frown a bit while looking at him. Yes, just a student, a poor student with no money.

Look at student id as though unconvinced but decides it’s a real student id since they are having a roadblock just opposite my college. -.-

Oh tak ada duit a, lambat bayar laOh, no money is it? Let’s make a late payment then.

Lambat bayar? Bagaimana?” my curious self ask. Late payment? How?

Sekarang saman, satu bulan lepas buat bayaran satu ratus.I’ll give you a ticket not, you make the RM100 fine payment a month later.

Oh, ye ke…” pretend to think hard… Oh… really…~~

Okay la, saman la, I memang tak ade duit la” I answer. Okay then, give me a ticket. I really don’t have the money.

Popping his eyes out for a spilt sec, he goes on putting both his hands on the sides of my wind screen. “Okay, bagaimana u mau saya tolong?Okay, how do you want me to help you?

Saman lo….” I say calmly with a what-to-do expression. Give me the ticket~~

He looks at me in disbelief.

Memang tak ade duit la, student saje” by now I’m saying this lazily. Really don’t have money sir, just a student

Tak ada duit a?” repeating my words again, but now a bit convinced. Oh, no money is it?

I nod.

Okay”, he leaves the car and waves me off..

I drove home singing to my ipod tunes~.

*Update* Did I say he was wearing the "no bribery" badge? :D

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I want to go clubbing~ Stress~

Short Note:

Happy 25th Birthday Kenny. I wrote a dedication entry to you months ago for today but I don't know where I saved that file now. ~.~

It's been so busy. And it's going to be another busy busy busy week for me.

So many deadlines I wanna cry, both work and study.

Sorry can't update that much now.

I miss my clubbing days. :(

student pose
Velvet Underground night out - Tokyo theme



My signature pose~

Nicole Kiss

Heineken Event

me and andy
Thank you Andy for all the wonderful photos.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Halong Bay and Hanoi, Vietnam

My Vietnam trip two months ago can be summarized in few short diaries which I wrote on my second, third and final day in Halong Bay and Hanoi, Vietnam.

You read about my first day in Sapa.

Here’s the rest of the story.

Day 2

I’m sailing, I’m sailing. Man, this is luxury!

I am currently sitting on a rattan sofa at our dining table which, fortunately and unfortunately, only two of us share. While waiting anxiously for lunch to be served, I am typing this entry while Kenny is sitting opposite reading his lonely planet Vietnam Guide.

The boat is about to set to sail soon. Life! This has got to be life!

It is the little things we enjoy once in a while with a good friend away on an escapade to some third world countries where luxury like this costs as little as USD 50, which includes a night stay on the boat (we’re going to sleep with the sea beneath and the stars above us tonight!!! Tell me this is not life!), lunch, dinner and breakfast included, all while sailing on Halong Bay sea. We even get to swim and kayak in one of the most beautiful beach in the northern Vietnam.

The weather is just beautiful, a bit sunny but nothing can be more perfect.

boatside posing
Posing outside the boat (Have to hold on to the plank not to fall into the sea)

view on boat
View from room/boat

cat pose
Cat pose. "Purrr....."

dining area on boat
Dining area on boat

kenny reading lonely planet
Nerd and his lonely planet


stuffed small crabs
Stuffed crabs

spring rolls
These are nice



me and kenny in halong bay
Kenny and me chilling on deck

tourists swimming
Nearby tourists taking a dip

Kayaking on the sea

top deck
View from top deck

on deck at night
Sleeping under the stars

Day 3

Waking up this morning is hard, it’s a peaceful morning and instead of the usual bird chirpings, I hear engine choo-ing away in the distance. My morning is greeted by the scenic calm sea and the mountains surrounding us sit silently and beautifully as the night before.

Last night it rained heavily, splashing against the wooden window next to my bed, it made the waves churned a bit, but all only to induce me to sink deeper into my dream.

Some fishermen can be seen withdrawing fishing net onto their wooden sampan from my dining table window, again I am typing apprehensively into Kenny’s laptop (note to self: I should really get a laptop of my own).

Neighbour boat. “Ahoy there!”

See the nice nice scenery





Day 4

Cycling in Hanoi is probably one of the most horrific and adrenaline pumping experience I’ve ever had in my traveling days, more so than finishing all your cash and realizing you still have three more days before your flight back home.

It is so dangerous, I don’t think that Vietnamese in Hanoi city ever obey traffic rules, which really made me wonder why did they bother installing traffic lights?

I learned, however, the best way to avoid traffic accidents in Hanoi is to close your eyes, and walk straight. I’m serious. The cars and motorcycles and bicycles will just miraculously miss you by an inch, BUT. will. NEVER. hit you.

Kenny failed this test miserably. “Sorry Kenny, I seriously didn’t know you fell down on the street until I cycled few hundreds meters away and realized you disappeared. I was closing my eyes~ LOL”

cycling in hanoi

traffic in hanoi
Traffic in Hanoi

me on cyclo
Cyclo – RM1 per ride

me eating pork noodle
Eating in the "Paris" of Hanoi

carry basket
My weak attempt. Gosh, these are heavy

shopping in hanoi
Shopping in Hanoi – looking for Ao Dai (pronounced “ao zai”)

dining at Bobby Chin
Fine dining in Bobby Chin

appetizer at Bobby Chin
Appetizer – Super Yummy!

me and my main course
My main course – Grilled prawns on sticky glutinous rice with coconut milk

Kenny's main course
A bit of everything

Me eating
Mmmmmmm.... *so nice can die*

Dessert - died twice

Me and Kenny dining in Bobby Chin
My date and I. Bobby Chin I miss you~~

posing with big tree
Posing by the lake

.........I like big trees............

posing with big tree 2

Oh yea~~ I am Fu rong jie jie

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Short Note:
Starting Monday, I will be the official blogger for Cornetto Love? Perhaps Season 2 on, read my behind the scene entries on the website. I promise I won't just blog about how hot the guys are. :D

Catch the first episode of Cornetto Love? Perhaps Season 2 tonight at 9:45pm on Ntv7, brought to you/us by Wall's. Cast your vote within 3 hours after the show to decide who you want to stay on for the next episode.

I'll be surrounded by the most eligible bachelors in town for three months~!! Muahaha...!!! Oh yea, and super hot girls too.


Okay, let me make this clear.

I always have people coming up to me, especially in my blog, because people are nicer in real life and the fact that hiding behind a screen makes a person more daring to offend another person because they think they do not know the blogger aka me and vice versa. At least until one fine day when they actually meet me.

I am an explorer, a traveller and I like adventures.

I hate risking my life but I definitely like trying new things.

To cut straight to the point, I like to try to wear what the locals are wearing, I like to try to speak what the locals are speaking, I want to eat what the locals are eating; basically, I like to live like the locals. I never go on holidays, it's been ages since I went on one. I travel, it's a big difference from going on holidays/vacations.

I never rest when I travel, I don't chill on the beach by the bench with the waiter serving my cocktail drink. No, I like to get down and dirty and try things together with the locals. I didn't say I'm SUPA amazing but this is what I like.

Walk the highway with my thumb outstretch to hitch hike my way through Scotland, swim in ice cold sea with a Canadian and an Australian in Isle of Skye, take a local public bus and ride with local strangers in Thailand, try to speak French when buying train tickets in a small town in Northern France, rent a bike or ATV to go around Koh Samui exploring new unforseen places, sleep in a caravan and pee on grass under the stars in Florence Italy, tap dance with some old men and ladies to an accordion in a local pub in Westport Ireland, white water raft through the river nature in Bali, eat gold in Tokyo, skii in Korea, so much more and oh yes, eat dog meat in Vietnam.

It's all part of my life. And this is MY life. I don't know why it is such a problem to some of you out there how I live MY life. Show off? Maybe. But jesus, I don't rant it here, where else do I rant it? This is a blog for god's sake, show off to my blog? I think not.

So yea I ate worm. Big deal.
So yea I ate terrapin. Big deal.

And then I ate dog meat. HUGEEE Deal!

I mean, come on!

Don't think I'm a good enough role model? Hey, I don't want to be your role model, next thing you know I'll be eating YOUR dog! ............ *rant* *rant* *rant* *toot* *rant* *rant* *honk* *rant* (details censored, in case I offend anyone further)

Well, put it this way. I'll make a list of the things I have tried so far so you guys can continue to bash me if you like.

I have tried:

Rabbit (oh yes I did)
Dog intestine (I add this in to annoy you)
Horse (raw, sashimi style, in Japan, they were freaking expensive)
Terrapin (long neck tutle if you don't know)
Goose Liver (I wonder why no one bash me for these, they are equally adorable animals ok, because they're called Foie Gras so it's ok to eat them?)
Escargot (or snails)
Duck, chicken and goose liver paté
Shark (if you complain then why do you eat shark fins?)
Baby Shark (same as above, and these are delicious)
Frog (also cute what)
Bird (lagi cute ok)

so far I can only remember so much. So yea.... shoot me....

I'm all prepared. "OMG, how can you eat _____ (insert animal name here), you're so cruel, I used to read your blog but I don't anymore, I hate you now. You are so childish and sad. You are a role model now, be a responsible blogger dammit. Wanna show off to the world what you can do even though this is your blog, you are so lame......." Yadda yadda.... *yawn* *click* *delete* opps, did I do that? Hey, like you said, it's my blog.

"Oh you delete my comment, you only accept nice comments, buu hoo, Nicolekiss don't accept bad comments" spam spam spam *click* *delete* opps, oh dammit these fingers, naughty naughty.

Oh and guess what? I am not stopping here. The world is out there waiting for me to explore and I have so much more to try. And while I am out there trying, you can continue ranting about world peace in my blog while I chat happily away with a hot Scottish guy over a bowl of nice Rat soup in China, maybe.


PS// but then I can't go anywhere at the moment because I'm so tied up with work and study it's not funny. T_T

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I love Pocky, I love Rocky, but most of all I Love Chocky!!

Short Note: So pain so pain. I hate period. :( *sulks*

You heard of Pocky.


We have the imitation Rocky in Malaysia.


Now make way for Chocky!!!


It’s so big and long, you just gotta love it!!

I mean, it's simply genius. I've always been a big fan of Pocky and Rocky. I crave for them constantly, I used to have them stocked up in my cabinet all the time. I wonder why it took manufacturers so long to produce something like this!!

me and chocky
*heart* *heart* *heart*

It's so big, it's longer than my face. It's heaven for chocolate lovers like me. OMG, I'm in heaven. Can't believe my eyes when I saw it. I was jumping up and down and laughing screaming like a little girl pointing at the row of giant chocolate sticks.

kiss chocky
kiss Chocky

love chocky
I love Chocky

chocky inside

Muahahaha, it's giant size pocky sticks!!!

Yes we girls like it long~~ and thick~~

eat chocky
Stop thinking dirty you perv…

Chocky costs RM9.90 each.