Halong Bay and Hanoi, Vietnam

My Vietnam trip two months ago can be summarized in few short diaries which I wrote on my second, third and final day in Halong Bay and Hanoi, Vietnam.

You read about my first day in Sapa.

Here’s the rest of the story.

Day 2

I’m sailing, I’m sailing. Man, this is luxury!

I am currently sitting on a rattan sofa at our dining table which, fortunately and unfortunately, only two of us share. While waiting anxiously for lunch to be served, I am typing this entry while Kenny is sitting opposite reading his lonely planet Vietnam Guide.

The boat is about to set to sail soon. Life! This has got to be life!

It is the little things we enjoy once in a while with a good friend away on an escapade to some third world countries where luxury like this costs as little as USD 50, which includes a night stay on the boat (we’re going to sleep with the sea beneath and the stars above us tonight!!! Tell me this is not life!), lunch, dinner and breakfast included, all while sailing on Halong Bay sea. We even get to swim and kayak in one of the most beautiful beach in the northern Vietnam.

The weather is just beautiful, a bit sunny but nothing can be more perfect.

boatside posing
Posing outside the boat (Have to hold on to the plank not to fall into the sea)

view on boat
View from room/boat

cat pose
Cat pose. "Purrr....."

dining area on boat
Dining area on boat

kenny reading lonely planet
Nerd and his lonely planet


stuffed small crabs
Stuffed crabs

spring rolls
These are nice



me and kenny in halong bay
Kenny and me chilling on deck

tourists swimming
Nearby tourists taking a dip

Kayaking on the sea

top deck
View from top deck

on deck at night
Sleeping under the stars

Day 3

Waking up this morning is hard, it’s a peaceful morning and instead of the usual bird chirpings, I hear engine choo-ing away in the distance. My morning is greeted by the scenic calm sea and the mountains surrounding us sit silently and beautifully as the night before.

Last night it rained heavily, splashing against the wooden window next to my bed, it made the waves churned a bit, but all only to induce me to sink deeper into my dream.

Some fishermen can be seen withdrawing fishing net onto their wooden sampan from my dining table window, again I am typing apprehensively into Kenny’s laptop (note to self: I should really get a laptop of my own).

Neighbour boat. “Ahoy there!”

See the nice nice scenery





Day 4

Cycling in Hanoi is probably one of the most horrific and adrenaline pumping experience I’ve ever had in my traveling days, more so than finishing all your cash and realizing you still have three more days before your flight back home.

It is so dangerous, I don’t think that Vietnamese in Hanoi city ever obey traffic rules, which really made me wonder why did they bother installing traffic lights?

I learned, however, the best way to avoid traffic accidents in Hanoi is to close your eyes, and walk straight. I’m serious. The cars and motorcycles and bicycles will just miraculously miss you by an inch, BUT. will. NEVER. hit you.

Kenny failed this test miserably. “Sorry Kenny, I seriously didn’t know you fell down on the street until I cycled few hundreds meters away and realized you disappeared. I was closing my eyes~ LOL”

cycling in hanoi

traffic in hanoi
Traffic in Hanoi

me on cyclo
Cyclo – RM1 per ride

me eating pork noodle
Eating in the "Paris" of Hanoi

carry basket
My weak attempt. Gosh, these are heavy

shopping in hanoi
Shopping in Hanoi – looking for Ao Dai (pronounced “ao zai”)

dining at Bobby Chin
Fine dining in Bobby Chin

appetizer at Bobby Chin
Appetizer – Super Yummy!

me and my main course
My main course – Grilled prawns on sticky glutinous rice with coconut milk

Kenny's main course
A bit of everything

Me eating
Mmmmmmm.... *so nice can die*

Dessert - died twice

Me and Kenny dining in Bobby Chin
My date and I. Bobby Chin I miss you~~

posing with big tree
Posing by the lake

.........I like big trees............

posing with big tree 2

Oh yea~~ I am Fu rong jie jie


26 kissed Nicole

  1. gosh.. I wish I could go to these places.. if only I have time...

  2. wow... I wonder what would happen if u fall from the tree into the water... Ooops... Wicked mind at work...

    Pretty jie jie, can u bring me the next time u go on a trip? I promise I'll be good... :p

  3. now fu rong jie jie sucks big time... hahahaa.........

    spent a night in that boat?! must be nice..... eh...how is the sanitation? hygienic?

  4. fookiat: find time.. go go go

    geli tifa: which is why i didn't climb that far up. lol.. kenny did, but my photography skill sucks so all his furongjiejie photos blurry :p

    sheon: why sucks, nice what. lol erm.. quite hygienic, though i didn't see how they prepare the food

  5. nicole,

    which tour agency did u used at halong bay? i'm trying to book a good junk but it's so damn expensive. almost USD120 per person... where did u find one that cost 50USD?????

  6. Kenny looks like he's reading scientist's lab report :P

    The animated pic, I thought tremor due to earthquake in indonesia again. Scary wei...water moves, mountain shouldn't.

  7. Ah Nicole:

    Can't help but to ask..."What's with the tree n u~"...hehe...kinda cannot figure out the way u post n the tree...u must love the tree very much~ 8D

    Chubby Chin

  8. Wow! Nice photos on the trip... The 2nd last photo of you and the tree looks kinda eeriee.....

  9. 1 things i like about your blog is travelling.

    eh ur hair damn cunlah! and i like your last 2 pics posing at the tree at nite...look like witches sabbath during fall...hehehe cool >:-)

  10. Really nice scene at Halong Bay. I will make it my next destination. Can't wait to sleep under the sky full of star!

  11. alo Nicole ar..how much did it cost for the whole trip eh? (inclusive fo flight , food and accomodationz)
    thinking of going Vietnam this December leh ..very the expensive ar? please tolong...

  12. SlowCatchUpKuan: there are few price range actually. I think your USD120 can be negotiate down to USD80. Trust me, the experience for that package is worth it.

    whisperer: my hands a bit shakey, pai seh

    jacky chin: tree hugger? lol...

    dk boy: eerie? it's supposed to be artistic man! LOL

    gothnol: flattered, flattered, till the last sentence. -.-

    jam: yea.. it's awesome

    bob m.i.l: erm.. RM1000 for 5 days approximately. Can go down to Rm800 depending how u spend. But it all depends on how cheap u can get ur flight ticks. I got mine for RM260 return.

  13. Hi Nicole, sounds so relaxing..just wondering, is the boat rocking when you sleep on it, will one gets sea sick?

  14. Hi Nicole

    Saw your real person in 928 Food Court last night...

  15. Cant imagine what tops having dinner with a beautiful, funny, quirky and sensible girl in an Ao Dai in a fancy restaurant in old romantic Hanoi. A tingle of French in an Asian setting, we'll be falling in love by that tree besides the lake which housed the "Giant Turtle" legend (if I am not mistaken). Now, thats a holiday I wont forget. :)

    I should be going again, but this time to HCM city, any takers?

  16. A wonderful insight of what awaits out there!

  17. furong jie jie? i'd rather mate with a cow. hahahahahahaha

    where ever i go, i must make sure beforehand that the sanitation system is up to basic requirements. :P

    hey nico, i just return from a trip to danok, thailand (bordertown of bukit kayu hitam, malaysia), and 50km away from hatyai. despite that place being notoriously famous for their sex industry, it is still quite a nice place to chill if you know where to go. i went there for loi kratong, and their cheap food, cheap drinks, cheap (decent) massages, cheap lodging, and also strip shows. hahaha....i didnt do anything i'd be regretting later there, :P

    rm200 should be enough to cover 2days/1night inclusive of lodging, food, massages, shows, and a little sightseeing.

  18. the 2nd last pic is much like those scene in horror movie.. hehe^^

  19. Sounds like a really memorable trip. The best part is sleeping under the stars in a boat, I wish I could too. I've always admired your travels especially when you travel alone sometimes but haven't yet done so myself :) Maybe someday. Your life is fantastic!

  20. nice picture the last one....

  21. nice vacation pics..at least u n kenny had a gud time thr..eh de las two pics looks cun for horrow promo pic

  22. kenny has oily skin

  23. jz curios to ask, u r keeny sia 's gf?

  24. Oooh.. I wanna go Hanoi Bay. How do u find those stuff? The boat ride and accomodation? Did u find it thru the travel agencies?

    The Ao Dai fits u well. =) I'm too fat to wear one. Boohoo..