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I'll be surrounded by the most eligible bachelors in town for three months~!! Muahaha...!!! Oh yea, and super hot girls too.


Okay, let me make this clear.

I always have people coming up to me, especially in my blog, because people are nicer in real life and the fact that hiding behind a screen makes a person more daring to offend another person because they think they do not know the blogger aka me and vice versa. At least until one fine day when they actually meet me.

I am an explorer, a traveller and I like adventures.

I hate risking my life but I definitely like trying new things.

To cut straight to the point, I like to try to wear what the locals are wearing, I like to try to speak what the locals are speaking, I want to eat what the locals are eating; basically, I like to live like the locals. I never go on holidays, it's been ages since I went on one. I travel, it's a big difference from going on holidays/vacations.

I never rest when I travel, I don't chill on the beach by the bench with the waiter serving my cocktail drink. No, I like to get down and dirty and try things together with the locals. I didn't say I'm SUPA amazing but this is what I like.

Walk the highway with my thumb outstretch to hitch hike my way through Scotland, swim in ice cold sea with a Canadian and an Australian in Isle of Skye, take a local public bus and ride with local strangers in Thailand, try to speak French when buying train tickets in a small town in Northern France, rent a bike or ATV to go around Koh Samui exploring new unforseen places, sleep in a caravan and pee on grass under the stars in Florence Italy, tap dance with some old men and ladies to an accordion in a local pub in Westport Ireland, white water raft through the river nature in Bali, eat gold in Tokyo, skii in Korea, so much more and oh yes, eat dog meat in Vietnam.

It's all part of my life. And this is MY life. I don't know why it is such a problem to some of you out there how I live MY life. Show off? Maybe. But jesus, I don't rant it here, where else do I rant it? This is a blog for god's sake, show off to my blog? I think not.

So yea I ate worm. Big deal.
So yea I ate terrapin. Big deal.

And then I ate dog meat. HUGEEE Deal!

I mean, come on!

Don't think I'm a good enough role model? Hey, I don't want to be your role model, next thing you know I'll be eating YOUR dog! ............ *rant* *rant* *rant* *toot* *rant* *rant* *honk* *rant* (details censored, in case I offend anyone further)

Well, put it this way. I'll make a list of the things I have tried so far so you guys can continue to bash me if you like.

I have tried:

Rabbit (oh yes I did)
Dog intestine (I add this in to annoy you)
Horse (raw, sashimi style, in Japan, they were freaking expensive)
Terrapin (long neck tutle if you don't know)
Goose Liver (I wonder why no one bash me for these, they are equally adorable animals ok, because they're called Foie Gras so it's ok to eat them?)
Escargot (or snails)
Duck, chicken and goose liver paté
Shark (if you complain then why do you eat shark fins?)
Baby Shark (same as above, and these are delicious)
Frog (also cute what)
Bird (lagi cute ok)

so far I can only remember so much. So yea.... shoot me....

I'm all prepared. "OMG, how can you eat _____ (insert animal name here), you're so cruel, I used to read your blog but I don't anymore, I hate you now. You are so childish and sad. You are a role model now, be a responsible blogger dammit. Wanna show off to the world what you can do even though this is your blog, you are so lame......." Yadda yadda.... *yawn* *click* *delete* opps, did I do that? Hey, like you said, it's my blog.

"Oh you delete my comment, you only accept nice comments, buu hoo, Nicolekiss don't accept bad comments" spam spam spam *click* *delete* opps, oh dammit these fingers, naughty naughty.

Oh and guess what? I am not stopping here. The world is out there waiting for me to explore and I have so much more to try. And while I am out there trying, you can continue ranting about world peace in my blog while I chat happily away with a hot Scottish guy over a bowl of nice Rat soup in China, maybe.


PS// but then I can't go anywhere at the moment because I'm so tied up with work and study it's not funny. T_T


40 kissed Nicole

  1. OMG... whats wrong with the ppl...
    That's life la..
    Only Assume you don't have a life when you critisize on it...lame...

  2. don't be disturbed by the comments from ppl who do not know you well..sometimes these ppl are just too free & intentionally trying out something to get the not get into their trap what you wanna do, blog what you wanna blog, because, only we know ourselve well, right?

    stay happy!

  3. don't be disturbed by the comments from ppl who do not know you well..sometimes these ppl are just too free & intentionally trying out something to get the not get into their trap what you wanna do, blog what you wanna blog, because, only we know ourselve well, right?

    stay happy!

  4. could you? HOW COULD YOU?!!!
    You eat horse in japan!!!
    Eat somewhere else...cheaper mah. Can eat more! :D

  5. Nicole, can see that u're so fed up with those ppl, just ignore them. This is ur blog, ur life. They have nothing to do wif ur life, Mouth is theirs, let them say watever they like. U just do watever u like. Don't take em to heart. Take it easy yeah. Cheer up :)

  6. scotland the brave! hip hip!

  7. Life is boaring without these people, critics, are here to entertain us... 8D

  8. That's wat v call.. Hmm... Jealous.. yes.. tat's wat those ppl were..

  9. And oso oso, u declared that u like to eat "Chocky" mah~ What's the thing with the role model's food?...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I like game meat too!!! Civet cat meat is the best (yes, the one they suspected caused SARs...oops :P )

  12. just ignore such people. some people just cant see others be happy to live their own life cos they hav a terrible life.....guess what u did is not show can be said u r trying to shared your experience with u must b proud of yourself because u can and might help to give others plp information through this sharing. Keep this up...Good luck

  13. "OMG, how can you eat horse meat?? you're so cruel, I used to read your blog but I don't anymore, I hate you now. You are so childish and sad. You are a role model now, be a responsible blogger dammit. Wanna show off to the world what you can do even though this is your blog, you are so lame......." LoL.... nice 1... hahahz... btw nice o not hoh horse meat... well we shud live our lives 2 d fullest dat we consider gud rite?? cheers...

  14. Is killing germs cruel or not ah ? I know they make u sick la, but also ah...there r good germs bo. so now ah...if you take 2 aspirins and go to bed, how many cells(life) in your body die ah. what so big deal eating a dead horse. aledy dead siao these ppl

  15. meat horse fried with soy sauce....add some nice man...those plp dont know how to enjoy food...nicole should said this to them: gua punya mulut, suka hati gua mau makan apa la....

  16. I hears horse meat kontain too much iron...i no eat b4... issit nice?

  17. GO NICOLE!!! it's your life, it's your blog~~~ damn those people ==

  18. oh ya, i had Kangaroo meat. Should try it when you have the chance :D it's gamey but 100% fat free! wuhoo~ should try it Australian style, that is BBQ. hehe~

    and Terrapin is SUPER NICE!!! hoho

  19. Haha....too stressed out is it??But it is true, it's your blog, you write what you want to write. Your blog is supposed to be YOUR blog....and not mine, not uncle sam's, not auntie lucy or whatever....I mean if people have a problem with the things u write about then it's their problem and if it annoys them so much, then they should just leave instead of keep coming back and spam.....:p

  20. btw, crocodile meat, emu meat, kangaroo, maggots,donkey, horse, scorpions are delicious as well hahaha. I tried :p

  21. nicole! don't care about what others say about you. someday I want to travel your style. without the stupid cocktails by the beach. i mean what is traveling if you don't experience the local life and food there? if you travel to go to the beach and eat the same food u eat everyday, might as well stay at home, go to your own beach. what for travel overseas. WASTE MONEY !!! =D

    someday, i will travel all over the world and experience local life. you are so brave to try so many different kind of food. my dad also tried so many kinds of food. but i don't have the courage to. HAHA. =D

    i love your blog!

  22. one day.i wanna grow up and be like you! and travel and travel and eat weird things. already grown up T_T

  23. Aiya you call that exotic 'food' ah ?

    Maybe you should join fear factor, even more 'exotic'

    Bull testicles dare to try or not ?

  24. "while I chat happily away with a hot Scottish guy over a bowl of nice Rat soup in China"

    I would offer my services, but only Rebecca gets the privilege.

    And Haggis soup is better.

  25. Don't worry about those idiots Nicole Jiejie, I think you're very adventurous by trying all those. And these foods are considered very normal or even delicacies in the countries of their origin, so we are being respectful by just trying them without any preconceived opinion. Some food may seem weird to us but the people in other countries may find our normal food weird!

    Peace and God bless,

  26. I salute you. Honestly!

    It is your blog. There is a responsibility and I feel that you haven't cross the line. So whatever people say, they are merely jealous that you have a thousand (if not more) hits more than them daily.

    It may not be the most nicest thing a person can do in life, but life is too short. Its no harm trying out different cuisines. Its an acquired taste. I am amazed... I wouldn't dare eat some of those things.

    Go try 'balut'. My dad says its nice. =)

    Good luck and all the best with whatever you pursue. At the end of the day, its your life. Enjoy it. =D

  27. haha those people just wuliao la.

    i think if you eat chicken then you have no right to say anyone else is mean and cruel or shit like that.

    vegetarian maybe la. GO AHEAD. XD HAHAHAHHAHA

    why should we care? =)

  28. haha...just do what you want. i know that there are environmentalists and what not out there giving out horrible comments and what not but just do what you want. dun need to care what they say,aite? stay cool. =)

  29. I am on your side, though I think I wouldn't mind a cocktail by the beach once in a while ;) Well let not the comments bother you and live life the way you want to! :)

  30. its your life..take control of not ever let others affect what you think, do or act.that's the worst thing u can do to yourself...cheers!

  31. they're just jealous cuz their life's not as fun as yours. let them be. actually you should be glad they do this to you cuz such things only happen to popular bloggers. we mediocre bloggers can only try hard to get hits, a bad comment would mean a great improvement. rock on!

  32. hey nicole... try eating bear, fox, squirrels, flying fox and all that... add them to ur list of exotic wildlife meat... im sure u wont be disappointed by them... taste hella good... =D

    and dont care what people say... anything that has legs and can move can be eaten (except humans la)... and i support u all the way on ur gastronomic tour of exotic foods... ^^


  33. i ate squirrel..and you havn't..I win..!!

    nuff' said!!

    odd/Special stuff tat u do keep us here reading ur blog... keep it up.. =P

  34. your 1st pic an apples remember me my home town sarawak apples.logon https;//
    come to sarawak you can try many variety of animals food.hmm...i miss very much BAT meat

  35. Anything you do is your business but please keep any religion-related name calling aside.

  36. People are full of negative shits and you have the rite to NOT accept it. It's ur life and u can do whatever u want. Those dumbos out there can screw themselves up (or their grandmother for all I care)

    Live life. I envy u for being able to do all that u did. As for me, I'm juz plain lazy. I juz enjoy readin it on people's blog.

    So keep it up! U hav a loyal supporter here. Heck if I've millions I'd sponsor u to travel all over the world but with a price... YOU GOTTA PIGGY BACK ME EVERYWHERE AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Cheers and chin up mate!

  37. There's such ppl on ur blog? Don't they understand the term food chain? If that's the case then why don't they blame the snake for eating innocent humans or the crocodile for swallowing a human. They eat us, we eat them back!

  38. i dun mind eating you....hahahha

  39. hey...
    whr u ate lizards???
    deep fried?
    i dun think i have the courage to eat those ecky things wit bulging eyes... ><"

    but go you!!
    u should try balut. Since you're at it, might as well..

  40. you can eat alot of what's on nicole's ate list and more in this town called padang lembu, gurun, kedah. even endangered species of the wildlife are served (i dun have to list them out). however, i strongly discourage ppl from eating endangered animals.