Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cat loves food… Part 2

I see I have much to catch up with, after a week of torment; I am back to civilization and gaining weight. Damn, I need another week of bootcamp.

Right, where was I? O, after that fantastic session of exotic dinner, Kenny brought me and Dominic for a drive around seven miles. We stopped at a hawker corner to have the best Teh Si Special (Kenny proclaimed) in Kuching.

What is so special about Teh Si Special? Well, first of all, it’s only available in East Malaysia. Secondly, normal Teh Si has two layers, milk and tea; Teh Si Special on the other hand, has three layers – milk, tea and gula Melaka! It’s ironic how come a West Malaysia product could end up producing an East Malaysian drink.

Being a Gula Melaka (Malacca Sugar) devoted fan, I have to try this drink.

Teh Si Special
Here’s to Teh Si Special

Dom and TSS
I like Teh Si Special

Kenny and TSS
ask you to pose with TSS very beh song is it~??

In this video, our all time favorite Kenny show you how to stir and drink Teh Si Special,

The mamak there should pay me loads with such advertisement for them.

After the drink, without delay, Kenny immediately drove us to another location for another famous local treat. Gee… Kenny, you really waste no time to feed us. Do you so desperately want to see me fat? I am, ok, I already am so overweight; no way in hell I need another extra pound.

Already bloated I was, I have to say, I was really glad Kenny introduced this other surprise that night.

white lady
I’m so full, but I wanna try~

White lady - the name of the drink, is officially my new found love in Kuching. It is so good, you can even finish the whole glass after feeling so sick of food and milk tea. The taste is sweet and a bit sour-ish, so it prompts your taste bud and go very easy on your stomach; probably one of the easiest sweet drinks to down. Heck, I even asked Dominic’s friend to ‘tabao’ the drinks for me so I can take back to Malaysia the day of my departure; though the drink only went as far as the airport before ended up in my tummy. :D

take photo
professional blogger at work

I love love, luurrvvee this drink! Anyone going back to Kuching and back here, please ta bao for me the drink k? Pretty please~~ I’m plug you here if you buy me the drink. That’s how much I’m so in love with it.

dom handling white lady
I seriously think Dom should try casting for food advert

The next morning, it was food again. -.-;; I think I might as well bang the wall and die, you tell everyone you’re dieting, and everybody else is trying their best to sabotage your desperate attempt.

It was early morning and the host brought us out for breakfast. I think I felt the white lady still swimming somewhere in my stomach. But anyway, guess what we had? It’s very famous in Kuching~

kolo mee
kolo mee!!!!!

I can’t comment on the taste, believe it or not, I haven’t tried it… YET. I just gazed away while the rest gobbled their scrumptious breakkie up. Yup, respect me, cause I have a commitment to my body!! ….. Can someone tabao this for me also when he/she return from his/her visit to Kuching?

At least Dom seems to be enjoying his meal.

Dom and mee

… …
I’m signing Dom up for an Advert casting…


I’m leaving for backpack trip to Thailand 18 hours from now. So I won’t be able to update my blog as frequent but will try my best to keep you all informed of my status. No photos in the mean time though.

Wish me all the best yo~

Friday, April 27, 2007

ai yo0o~

Just came back from Yum Cha session, which will be my last one this week. Wait, I kinda promised my friend I'll yum cha with them tomorrow night. Damn... (sorry a, try to understand if I ffk tomorrow)

Diet a~ I think I gained back my two kgs these days, wasted bootcamp!! No no, never give up, it's a never ending journey. Tomorrow, I swear Nicole, tomorrow you will not eat, or I'll spank you so hard you'll cry running back to your mommy.

Damn lazy to blog today, suppose to write one yesterday. But really tired. Okay la, will write one loonnng entry tomorrow. Promise.. :p

Don't angry ok? Smile... Nicole is very sweet, lazy sometimes but very sweet... Ang gu gu... Chiak Chiak~~


"Don't look at me like that, I shy~~"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fool Proof Diet Plan

Do you know what is the best way to lose weight? I have finally found the perfect solution.

1. Stay with 15 other gorgeous girls in a hotel for one week

2. Have buffets every meal but not eating cause everyone else is not either.

3. Being trained from morning to near midnight in 3.5 inch high-heels till your feet get so sore you can't feel your toes.

4. Get stressed out so much you cry yourself to sleep and forgot about hunger

5. In need of sleep so badly you rather skip breakfast to stay in bed longer

6. Having limited time to make up and set hair that you rather skip lunch to gain that extra time so you would look good in front of sponsors

7. Knowing tomorrow is bikini day, you skip meals the whole day so your tummy won't bloat the following day

8. The food get so tiringly boring everyday you rather drink milk in the room and sleep

9. Imprisonment for one week in a hotel with no 7-11 is a sure way to cut all supplies of titbits, so suffocated that you have to secretly ask friends to smuggle you M&Ms into the hotel

There you go, nine easy steps to losing two KGs! I have never felt lighter on high-heels.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm Free!!!

I just had my nails done. And it's so difficult to type with fake nails. Suddenly I find myself typing with two index fingers.

So I am really really lazy to type a long entry.

Phew... Just reaching this line took 5 times longer than usual. *wipe sweat*

After a week of entrapment, I splurged one week of sustained appetite today at Jogoya, Starhill. And boy!!! I have fallen in love!! The place is heaven!! I can't stop laughing when I stood in front of the dessert bar. So many cakes, so many chocolates.. If only there was a bed there.

I think I left a weird and blatantly strong impression with the staff there.

All I remembered was laughing all the way while walking back from the dessert section with four plates of assorted cakes and mochis laughing like a mental. I have my friend carried the other two plates of mousse cakes. I wonder what was the reason my friend was walking a distance away from me?

So distracted I was, I forgot to take any photo. Oh, all the better, I just found myself a great excuse to visit there the second time. :D

Okay, index fingers getting tired. Till then... keep on dreaming about all the great food I have la. Hohohoho...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh god...

I have been so busy, not sure if I lost any weight? The weight better go down, if not, all this stress has been nothing but... just stress!!

In my point of view, there's no point going through stress if you can't manage to shed some pounds off your hips. The only thing that kept me going when stress is knowing that when I'm through with the event, I can look forward to seeing smaller figures appearing on the weighin machine.

Is it not? Well, it's a girl thing.

Back to my point, I'm still keeping this hide-away a secret, just because I am a low profile person and didn't want anyone to know. But if comes a point when there's no point hiding anymore, don't worry, I'll be the first to blog it out here. So you guys get real time info. If, that is, you read my blog often enough. Haha.

Where has my freedom gone to? I felt like a trap bird in a cage everyday, eating the same food, being a human canvas and being trained like a robot. Am I not human? Have mercy!! Sigh, I miss my starbucks.

But I started taking care of my skin now though, stress surely didn't took mercy on my face, I can see hordes of pimples popping out. Like a toad skin, ew, not a pretty side.

Right, it's late. I should sleep. Nite all, take care and ciao.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

WIll be away for a long time

Hi hi, part 2 food entry gonna come somewhat 10 days later, because I'm gonna be away till then.

So you guys will need to take care of yourselves out there. But hopefully, just hopefully, that I will be updating still within this period of imprisonment. No pictures though, since I won't be at my own pc where all my collection of photos rest.

Wanna know where I will be at for the following one week? Well, I will be checking into a five star hotel to enjoy five star dining three meals a day and unlimited access to sauna, gym and swimming pool...etc (those things you get out of fiver star services). Die of jealousy bitches! Hohoho.... *feeling a bit naugthy*

See ya guys.... plenty of kisses from me and bu-bye~

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cat likes food... Part 1

Paying a visit to Kuching meant having a food tour. Many Kuching-nians reminded me that in Kuching, there’s basically nothing more you can do but eat. Food and people are like best friends here. The idea repulsed me. Food starts with the same capital as Fat and Flab!

Kuching Icon

I hardly heard of infamous food that originated from Kuching till Kenny’s recommendations to many of the mentioned dishes and delicacies on his blog. His enthusiasm’s to feed me thrilled me (NOT!). But to show how courteous a Melakan is, I obliged to some of his food challenge.

I swore to myself that I would lose some weight from some extreme activities I might take up in Kuching, like hiking through the forest and caves, so anything that contains calories is a no go. I decided to order a safe drink during a lunch session with Kenny while he snaked away from his office.

coconut & sugar cane
best drink I ever had!

Sugar cane mix with coconut drink, turned out remarkably sensational. I’m a coconut fan and I love sugar cane, but I never knew you can actually mix both together and it can actually taste soooo good can die. I can drink this my whole life, so sad I never actually seen it in west Malaysia. Anyone know where you can get it in KL? I know there’s none in Melaka.

Kenny: “They serve the best Bee Hoon Belacan here”
Me: “Err, no.. really, it isn’t necessary…”
Kenny: “Boss, give me two Bee Hoon Belacan..”
Me: “…” *sweat*

Bee Hoon Belacan

Kenny: “Many people find it weird. I would say it’s an acquired taste.”
Me: “Oh my god! Century Egg!!” *digged in*

(Totally forgot that I shouldn’t be eating at this point, ignoring Kenny’s speech. I have a weak spot for moist looking century eggs that would melt in your mouth)

Me: “I love this! This is delicious!”
Kenny: “Err…. ” *sweat drop*

Dom: “That looks delicious, I’ll order another one.”

In the end, everyone’s having a go at the dish. Yum!! I will definitely miss this when I go back to West Malaysia. Can someone ta bao for me when they visit me from Kuching?

So many bee hoon
Dominic’s hands to the right. That’s Sisuahlai on the left and his beautiful wife on the right

After a filling, satisfied and guilty lunch session, we decided to take a cruise around downtown.

Kuching sky
clear blue sky

inside celica
cruising along china town

For some reasons, I was pooped. So while they made plans to tour the city’s museums, I made a request to head back to the house to take a long power nap. I’m not much into museums at that stage, sleeping seemed more important. Being brought up in Melaka, I lived among histories and we have more than enough museums to make us puke. Anything less than 10 years in Melaka is new, anything longer than 2 years in Kuching is old.

Before I knew it, it was dinner time.

This would be the most exciting chapter of my visit in Kuching - trying out on exotic food. I could say I differ in a most bizarre way compare to most people, you see, I have a very adventurous taste bud. Yes, I think adventurous is the suitable word to describe it. As much as I love and hate food at the same time because anything that tastes nice will bring down to my hip and arse, it’s a one way love journey for me when it comes to uncanny cookeries.

One example, my ultimate fantasy is to travel to India to try out one of their legendary local treat – BBQ Tarantula.

taste like chicken

Anyway, back to dinner. We traveled out to 7 miles to dine at a restaurant called “Wan Cheng”. The area is called 7 miles because it is located seven miles from Kuching town, talk about creativity.

Wan Cheng
Kuching people love exotic food

“Wan Cheng” restaurant is mainly just a flat concreted area with a shelter over it, no air-conditioning or fancy entrance. Probably they are trying to create a dining experience as closely connected to nature as possible, or probably because it’s cheap to design it this way. But no matter, it’s the food that counts.

Sadly, there were few dishes that were unavailable that night, including squirrels, pangolins and snakes. Turned out no one could catch it at that point so it’s probably only available at the end of the year. That calls for another trip to Kuching. :p

Thus, the first dish we ordered was….

exotic food

Go on, guess what this is? Make a wild guess. Get it? ‘wild’ guess… Ha ha. Eh hem… sorry, lame joke.

There’s another name for it, direct translation from mandarin is “water fish”, which Kenny had no idea what it was as he arrived late and only understood the term as guys who gives free drinks in pubs. He was reluctant to try, shame on you Kenny.

Ok ok, it’s a Chinese turtle. I don’t know why Chinese like to call animal dish in names that is in no relation to the real food. Like frog is also called “padi chicken” and rhymes like “sweet chicken”, which was the lie my mom told me when I was young to try to cheat me into eating frogs. There’s no turning back since.

If you don’t know how a Chinese turtle look like? Here, have a look,

water fish uncook

The reason it’s a disgusting food to many because it can elongate its neck to a frightening length.

water fish long head
It must be a breeze to travel around without moving your body

Fortunately, the turtle was chopped up in many pieces and stir fried so in the end it just looked like any other normal pork/chicken dish. They say it tastes like chicken; don’t they all taste like chicken? I heard people saying alligators and snakes taste like chickens, the Indians said tarantula taste like chicken, might as well we order chicken and cook them differently.

turtle meat
Pork? Turtle?

Took a bite. Trust me, it really does taste like chicken.

I wonder how many would dare to eat it if the dish was prepared this way?

water fish
looks almost delicious, yum~

Then my friend served me a piece of the skin, which he claimed to be the best part of the turtle.

turtle skin
looks like jelly to me

eating turtle skin
taste like jelly too

Then there’s venison, one of my favourite meat of all time,

deer meat

wild pork
wild boar meat - wild pork??


This is also one of my favourite dishes other than the Chinese turtle. See the darker pieces? Those are the skins… of a giant lizard. Strangely, the only thing that comes to my mind is the Komodo Dragon.

komodo dragon
“I taste like chicken too”

There were other ‘normal’ dishes as well for the vege eater or the scary cats who didn’t dare to exploit new horizons. *looking sideways to Kenny*

 minced pork Tofu
minced pork Tofu, this is sooo yummy


George (the host) stated that this dish, called ‘belian’, is a sort of vege that can only be found in East Malaysia. Being a vege lover, I found this dish rather appealing.

So curly

some vege with egg white
some vege with egg white

Don’t know what this dish is called, but I loved it! It’s some vege cooked with egg white. So delicious!

The night ended with a bit of cam-whoring.

group photo

Purr… Now I know why everyone loves Kuching so much…

meow being harrassed
Come to mommy you sexy~

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gone MIA??

Sorry guys, am in kl these few days so didn't actually have the time to blog. You see, I'm on a mission, to buy myself some decent dresses, which to some of you out there I could be too tom-boyish to look lady-like, so it's time to change.

Got a dinner pouch, some hair clips, and god damn these fats still won't go away from my body. Damn it 4KGs! Can't you understand human language!

Bought myself two pairs of high heels recently, black and white. Don't understand why girls need more shoes? I don't either. If I have the answer to that, I probably would have been a psychology consultant to all the old single men out there, cheat lots of money from them and could have written a book thank you very much.

But then, if you really want an answer? It's simple: Because we only have two feet, why treat them poorly?

It's hard being a girl, we have PMS and we need so many clothes (note: not want, is NEED), each for different event, you need at least three for every casual wear, night wear, day wear, picnic wear, work-out wear, dinner wear, special event wear, once-in-a-blue-moon wear(this usually consists of clothing with extreme funkiness or just plain weird to suit the day's mood), clubbing wear, travel wear, home wear, yum cha wear... etc. I can only recall so many. Then there has to be at least a pair of shoes to match each of the above wears (another answer to the above question), and purse/pouch/handbag to match with. Damn, I haven't even started on accessories and make up products of matching hues..

Shopping can be so stressing~ =.= I'm stressed~~~


Will be back on Monday and on with the Kuching massacre then ok? Don't fred my children, mommy's gonna be home. Be patient. Come, mommy feed you candy~

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kitty Goes to School

The first thing I did in Kuching, was to drive around town in a fancy sport car declaring my arrival to all Kuching-nians and cheat little kitties that I’ve come from Venus. (To foreign readers, kuching sounds like ‘cat’ in Malay, thus the term kitty)

No, that would be so unlike me. But I did cruise the town in a red Celica and visited the infamous high school where Nicholas Teo and Kenny used to study – Chung Hua Middle School.

Me in Celica

front seat view
This is how it looks like within the car, I feel so superior~

As we drove the car up to the front gate and park in front of the hall, many students peered through their classroom’s windows and started whistling. I wonder is it me that they’re purring at or the car, I would like to think it’s me. :D

Chung Hua
Rather impressive I would say

We decided to do a bit of cam-whoring with the red sport car in front of the school so that every kitty would die of jealousy. Ho ho ho, no actually I’m just ‘sua gu’, never sat in a real sports car before, forgive my anxiety to show off.

red Celica
red indeed is a nice color

Me, Dominic, and the proud owner of the QAB 198 - Sally

Talk about timing, it was then the lunch bell struck and all these kitties started flocking out of their classrooms to gape at a bunch of young and fashionable uncles and aunties (I remember at their age, my age seems rather old). Makes me wonder, kitties nowadays are so short, so is it because I’m too tall? Hahaha…. *shy*

yes yes… I’m holding the camera at shoulder height

Ahh, brings back old memories (even though this is not my high school). How I remember during break time, there will be kids walking around eating titbits, girls walking hand in hand to toilet, students running to the class next door for a peep at leng luis, making noises in class, or there’s always a nerdy kid standing there at the door, waiting for the bell to strike again so recess would end.

bored kid
reminds me… of ME!!

I never knew visiting someone else’s high school could bring back so many flashbacks of my own. I wonder if they will ever change the designs of these high schools, this school freakishly resembles my own in Melaka. The chair, the classrooms, the teachers!

prefect society
I was once a prefect, but I decided to quit and join forces with the anti-prefects

cute kid
what a cute little kid!! So petite, so short. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a play~ eh hem, I mean gentleman

Wait, it is recess! Perfect time to tour the canteen! Following the litter of kitties, I located the canteen at the back of the school, where every high school canteen would normally be situated.

tit bits

Mountains and mountains of titbits piled in front of the counter, the canteen used to be my sanctuary. A place where students are conned in buying rubbish junk thinking they’re actually good for you. I looked sideways and spotted an ice cream storage cubicle.

I caught sight of something unusual!

Wow, kids these days sure have it swell; I don’t remember our canteen selling any ice creams back in our days. We have to go to the hawker stand outside of the school gate to get it after school.

So we decided to buy ourselves a bit of our childhood.

ice creams
20 cents worth of childhood

“Teacher, look! Three strange uncles and aunty sucking plastic ice cream in our school”

suck ice creams

Shut up, I’m still young.


Bell rang,

in class

Students returned to their respective classes, it was time for us to leave too, on with touring Kuching.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The City of Meow~

10:30pm came and I awoke to the screeching of Airasia airbus against concrete runway, which interrupted the long list of Rickdess Top 40 pop songs selection on my Ipod; plugged one headphone to my left ear, and another on Dominic’s right (my MA coursemate).

Kuching’s night is far more exhilarating than I have expected, like a spreadsheet across the milky-way, I never thought this little town (not so little) could be so sparkly from sky view.

For the first time in 23 years, I finally made it to the East of Malaysia, the other part of my own land that had always been a mystery, do people here really live on trees? Pardon my ignorance. What would be installed for me here was an unknown, but I was eager to find out. To be greeted by people of my own nationality but of different blood.

Kuching impressed me in a considerable amount of ways. One of the first few would have to be Kuching Airport, modeled after KLIA, it’s relatively majestic at first glance. Clean, long, bright almost instantly gave me an introduction to the city of Kuching, it’s true when they say first impression counts. Once inside the airport, I realized it’s rather a structure with imposing exteriors but quite humble inner structure, yet first impression over-shadowed the second, I was still impressed.

While all the shops were closed due to the late hours, we quickly dragged our luggage and wiggled ourselves out of the airport passing through custom and luggage claim. Greeted at the exit, was Dominic’s Kuching friends and my dear amazing race companion, Kenny.

We were hurriedly ushered to the host’s house to settle our luggage where dinner was prepared for us. Which introduced my second impression on Kuching, Kuching-nians’ hospitality. Over the next few days, I was torn in half with the host servings of cultural entertainment and tours and Kenny trying his best way to feed me fat to the best food in Kuching. I was overwhelmed, time to roll up my sleeves and loosen my belt.

kung fu
Hai ya!

Kuching, here I come!

Monday, April 02, 2007

What a not-so-long but tiring trip

Finally back from Kuching and Kuala Lumpur. Though it's only 2 days in KL and 4 days in Kuching, I felt like I have been away for weeks.

Soooo tiring~~

Purse got thinner and body gained more bruises and aches. Especially the big black patches on the right leg, stupid decision to swim in the middle of the night of Damai's Resort swimming pool when there's no light and I can't see where I am swimming.

I think I've gotten darker, but what the heck, that's what whitening creams are for.

Need to get myself a shower now, felt so icky. Update more soon~