My love affair with Mousy

Feeling kinda lazy and at the same time distracted by my busy schedule to update my blog recently. Some of you might have thought I must have disappeared to another paradise since it has been quite a while I updated my blog.

Well, fortunately for those of you who sulk at my travel opportunities (kidding guys :p), I am still in Melaka, goofing around town and slacking my time off as the fire started burning my arse off with the dateline of my assignments around the corner.

Right, Halloween and Christmas are over, so has New Year, there’s really no excuse to ignore the glaring of my stacking papers (I swear, it glared at me!) everyday as I sleaze around the World Wide Web or around South East Asia.

“Come on! Gimme a break, it’s Halloween/Christmas/New year!!” – I’m sure I remembered using all three terms at once.

Well break time’s over, I have stored enough chocolates for me to last me till spring for my study hibernation, time to get serious. It’s been a long time since I actually sit down and focus 101% on my work (or any work that is) so I can have fun again…. Er…. Did I say that? I mean so I can graduate and become an official master graduate. ;)

Ever seen a girl on study hibernation? I tell you, it’s very ugly. If you think an ugly girl with no make up is unbearable, then don’t even think about asking how a girl under hibernation looks like? You don’t want to know. I’m serious; you really don’t want to know.

Scaly and yellowish skin, hair worse than wake up do, dark circles that seems permanent, bulging eyes balls, disoriented body structure due to long term bending in front of the pc, etc etc. But I am not going to tell you all that, no, it’s too ugly to describe.

Due to this, I developed a love for my bedroom and my PJs. Living most of my life in my room and surfing the internet wave, I have started a hobby in wearing comfortable and colorful night wear, it makes me happy. I have also made friends with all the cuddlies in my room; talking to them when I am bored, hug them when I feel lonely.

Meet Mousy, my new found love. (see me cam-whore in my room)


mousy side view

mousy far angle
Mousy: I’m so sexy

mousy on head
Rat (year 1984) vs Mousy

mousy and me on bed
Mousy and me lazing on the bed

close up angle
I’m so happy

sneak attack
sneaking up…

kiss mousy
hehe, gotcha…

bite mousy
Mousy: Ouch!

so bored
Feeling bored, luckily got Mousy accompany

hide behind

bite ear
jump up and disturb Mousy

sleeping time with Mousy

another muacks!!
Mousy is just too adorable!!

Don’t you think so?

Mousy cute or not?! ^^*


23 kissed Nicole

  1. very cute !!! nicole & mousy !

  2. I wonder who is cuter.. you or mousy.
    hmm. ^o)

  3. Fishing for compliments again? OK, I'll give you one.

  4. obvious answer

  5. Talking about looks and hibernation... I don't see why people are so amazed by makeover shows so much. Except for those EXTREME makeovers that includes going under the knife, there really is no secret to it. I think anyone can look really good OR really plain if they wanted to (Though I can see you obviously have natural born beauty that radiates no matter how plain you make yourself to be ;) ). So yeah, a lil makeup, a lil hair do and maybe a nice outfit... voila! makeover!

  6. pity the mouse alot.... being tortured like that with a study hibernation girl around.... stop animal torture!!!

  7. Mousy looks more petrified.....and he's in a state of permanent spasm!! What'd you do to him?! ahahahahhahaha

    Good Luck beating your dateline..... cheers!!

  8. can i be mousy? he looks contented.

  9. hahhaa I wish I am that mousy...

  10. Beauty & the beast...i mean mousy.

  11. nice eyebags...

  12. cutebanana says nicole is more cute than mousy :)

  13. Hey there, got 2 noe ur blog thru kenny's link. nice noeing a fellow malaccan that is blogging. heard that u r furthering ur studies in ENG. which part of ENG r u at?

    -Uncle Ho's Apprentice-

  14. mousy isnt cute, ur cute

  15. darn, i wish i was mousy!

  16. mouse cute.. but u more cute.. but mousy got whiskers one.. and fluffy.. but u got nice hair nice smile and everything else.. but mouse got white fur.. damn.. this is hard..

  17. ok lar.. mouse win. mousy cute. coz he got the whiskers..

  18. what a lucky mousy....

  19. You r damn cute!

  20. wow que cute estan los dos...

  21. So kawaii!!!! XD you´re both so incredibly cute!!!!!!

    Greetings from Mexico ^o^