Hear me Blab!!

Listening to one of the most sentimental cum instrumental song, I guarantee any candle tea light dinner to be a success with this composed piece. Miles Davis – I fall in love too easily. Don’t take the title for granted, the music (no lyrics) is probably not what you would have imagined, but it’s awesome at night with the light’s down.

Been having tons of things stuck in my mind recently. My heavy traveling has toned down a lot this month, leaving me with plenty of time at home to finish my papers, and to think.

Thinking is not good, I always say; too much thinking leads to unnecessary doubts and excess stress. But when one is stuck at home, especially in her own room for study hibernation, with nothing but a pc and a mobile phone as a sole communication tool to the outer world; one THINK A LOT.

I foresee the next few months of 2007 is going to be a very exciting and bumpy ride for me, I’m sure too it would be a turning point in my life; I’m no fortune teller, but I see dramatic changes and I’m all over it. It’s all a matter of time, slowly and ever so ready to pounce on me.

These past few months, friends from all over the world started sending me invitations to visit their home-country or resident country. If I were to take on the offer each and every single one, I probably would have literally traveled the world, including Israel. Well, maybe except India. Unfortunately, I have a life to live, responsibilities to carry and future career to pursue (a loaded big fat bank account would have changed everything though). But I already have few destinations in mind. *wink, you know who you are, where you are*

Also, been trying dead hard to lose some weight. Study hibernation ain’t helping much, the pointer in the weighing machine kept moving towards the right these days. Idiot machine ……. *shift around to see if the pointer would swing left*

Anyway, this it the second episode of my pillow talk. Catch it on youtube as well.

I decided to not sleep in the end. Haha…


14 kissed Nicole

  1. phewitt... first to comment....

    But the darn YouTube wouldn't met me watch the video again. hai...

    You must be crazy not to sleep.... that's why you're thinking too much...


  2. so, this is what u do at 3am in the morning! haha ... ur one crazy chick.

  3. =.=!! swt

    still an intesresting to do 3am in the morning.

    i suggest u play some music on the background on ur next pillow talk =D

  4. Hi Nicole,

    could u give me the exact title that Miles Davis wrote?

    Thnx a lot!


    ps: btw, i liked ur impromptu version of the song u sang by George Michael while driving :)

  5. To sean,

  6. I usually take the herb "st johns wort" in capsule form if i face difficulty sleeping, due to restlessness and hyperactivity in the head. although its primarily a traditional medicine for treating mild depression (coincidentally i have that too). A warm cuppa Chamomile would help too..at least for me.
    A few of my close frens hav chronic imsomnia, and they are on the pills. i do not encourage that at all!
    lets all hope that 2007 would be a better year for all and everyone. however, economists are anticipating 2007/2008 to be a bad period.
    so....nicole....good luck catching more quality sleep.....

  7. warm milk helps. btw, less talk more pix! ...just kidding...

  8. hey... nice tasty blog. me wanna b your fan.
    yeah I travel a lot too :)
    try backpacking
    and bring mini samples of shampoo and bath gel instead of big bottels everywhere u go :P

  9. Read them books, surf them webs, daydream till ya drop...

    ... and if ya don't, just lay on the bed till morn.

    Sleep is overrated. Siesta, on the other hand... is necessary.

  10. hmmm... facing my textbooks always make me sleep...

  11. since u're from melaka, and u have problem sleeping, help me with my assignment: explain how strategic location can help melaka become an important trading centre in the 15th century.. haha.. anyway, just bluffing.. ain't good plagiarising.. another good way of falling asleep: stand on a spot, turn/spin in either direction until u finally dizzy-ed ur brain out.. there.. u can sleep now.. =D

  12. let me know if u'll be in Auckland.

  13. ERMM....you can't sleep cos the lights are on? lol

  14. Hi...
    please look for brainwave music.
    This will help you for sleep well.