I am not crazy…

Dateline is getting tight, so am I.

How I wish I have 6 hands and 3 computers. Things can be done 3 times the speed and 3 times the amount.

2 brains would help too, one sleeping while the other still functioning. Kinda like a dolphin. Bah…. Life sucks.

*Wiggle around in my bed*

Oh here we have our third episode of pillow talk. Excuse the more atrocious appearance and the tattooed dark circles, I think I haven’t had proper sleep in like…. eh…. duh…. *scratching head*… (point taken).




La di da~~~


13 kissed Nicole

  1. you look cute and adorable. ^_^

    do anything but never never never...
    take drugs.

    smoke maybe but no drugs. :P

    sorry for being preachy :P

  2. good luck girl ...

  3. yo nicole,

    cute videoblog..

    just wondering, what's that song playing in the background?

  4. is it true that you do yoga?
    I wanna ask u about it ^_^

  5. hang in there !! U'll be fine...great that u can still smile : )

  6. hey just stumbled across your blog.. pretty interesting how you make video blogs when you're bored.. was wondering, what's the song for your video background music?

  7. molester caught in the act...can't believe u r molesting ur bear bear...hehe

  8. Cute Nicole in sleepy mode...

    dont get too stress ok..
    By hook or by crook, u will have to come out with something at the end of the day...and i believe you will find the light in the dark tunnel sooner or later cos when one is stress, potential comes into play ( doesnt apply to some people though..what do u think Nicole? =)

    again, Wish you all the best..

  9. can i know wat song you were playing ?

  10. Chan,

    It's Danial by dunno who. hahaha..

    Speechless, cute yet stressed... I can see what that's becoming of you in the video. hahaha... Also, for the many times I am gonna say this... YOU'RE NOT FAT!!! I don't see you pinching anything... you're pinching the air! haha...

  11. it's daniel by wilson philips. gAH, I just betrayed my age. haha.

  12. really cant use your new chatbox.
    it seems the width of your blog shrunk.
    I think the real time chat cannot work all the time since some people got connection restriction.

  13. Not crazy, just racist narcissist.