My Christmas 2006 - corny title

Christmas in Singapore is how you would expect it to be, everything in one package. You will (and for sure you will) get to experience, see and enjoy all that is Christma-sy here:

Great shopping experience,

Vivo city
Vivo City

Happy people,

I am happy

so crowded
people mountain people sea

Over budgeted decorations,

pretty glitters

One of the best night life scenes in Asia,

went Ministry of Sound on Christmas eve


My Christmas present from Calvin, so pretty~~

And don’t forget, food, food and luscious food~~~~.

unagi roll
unagi roll, my fav~

caviar on salmon sushi, omg, heaven…

I guess to make up for the sentosa trip, all these are the least what one need to do to cure my broken heart *sob*… *drag Calvin to MNG and Victoria Secret warehouse sale!* Hohoho… Did you know Christmas is also a season for Chocolates?! HO HO HO… who wants some cookies and milk.

chocolate tablets
a shop full of chocolates

hug mug
this is a Hug Mug, you drink by hugging it with both hands to keep warm

Even the chocolates are up in a mood for a fun food fight...
(Play to see white and dark chocolate battle)

I heard on the radio when I was on my way back to Melaka, a tourist claim Singapore to be one of the best city in the WOLRD to celebrate Christmas. Erm… that’s a bit intense of a claim, but hey, I couldn’t agree more that Singapore do take its Christmas very very serious. Just see how enjoy I am with my fondue… (click video to see)

Merry Christmas y’all!!!!


12 kissed Nicole

  1. hi there... let me first compliment on your blog.. you really rock it gal. This is an amazing blog and l love all your entries. Keep up the good work! Love all the food photos especially.. Happy New Year! -Lewina-

  2. happy new year!
    you've got a great blog, you've got good tastebuds, and you're funny.
    ps* you are smokin' too. ;]

    happy new year!

  3. Hmmm... Singapore may be a good place for christmas, but i still prefer to have a white christmas... Though i never been thr one.

  4. Anyway, wish you a happy 2007!

  5. I'm starting to understand the 'chocoa' bit of your blog title. Looks good! Happy new year.

  6. Willy Wonka will definately invite you to his chocolate factory if he ever exist. ;)

  7. u are c-u-t-e

  8. too late to send Christmas wishes, anyway, Happy New Year

  9. Like your pix in Vivocity!

  10. stop eating, u are getting fat!! hahaha ... but i like the way u shake yo head when u makan the marshmallow :P!!!

  11. Oh, wish i was in Singapore to celebrate.
    Nice blog by the way. Love all the photos! :)

  12. celebrate where also same one lar.. as long as i am spending quality time with family & friends that i love. rite?

    wah....fabulous looking fondue....i'd forget about the fruits & marshmallows ...and drink the chocolate dip straight outta the bowl!