F&@# ya life!

“If you have a dream, what would it be?” Erm… I’m not sure. If it’s too unrealistic, no point having it. If it’s realistic, then it won’t be a dream at all. Haha…

I recently watched some videos from youtube on a TV series entitled “Real Housewives” (of the orange county). It’s something like a hit series after desperate housewives, only this time these people are filmed real life.

Although it’s hard to tell if they’re really real life or script written, my guess would have to be script written, coz there’s no way some of the scene capture can be so perfect. I mean, the camera man can even be allowed in the bathroom? While the girl showers?! Mmm.. (But I think they removed the series already, oh well)

The lifestyle those people are living in? It is pathethic!! Utterly preposterous, the luxurious lives they possess, when going out for night party meant to the playboy mansion! When a shopping spree is really a SPREE! When a home is actually a MANSION! When a weekend afternoon was spent on a yacht! How come I was never born a blue blood? or at least disgustingly rich?

I hate TV series like this. It’s like we’re being forced to watch how they splurge and spend their meaningless lives away getting wasted in ways that we don’t even have the creativity to dream about.

These people are just a bunch of spoilt house-whores with their fancy SUVs or Lambos and their over-enlarged implants sticking out of their cute Versace T tip-toeing around f@#$ingly posh designer stores in their overrated Jimmy Choos while dangling those over-priced Christian Dior’s ugly mini pouch off their shoulders looking extremely Victoria Beckham. …… (*silence…) I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT!!

It comes a point in your life when you realize you’re still all alone and haven’t achieve anything that’s worth a say, then you ask yourself “Is this what life is all about? Or is there more?” but more importantly… “What am I doing here?!!!”

I dream to travel the world. It’s a silly dream, in between the lines of idealism and realism, so I would say, possibly achievable. No, this is not some childish dream that one had when they were young, and could only hope to keep it as a fantasy when they grow up. I’m still keeping this dream and hope to pursue it, if I haven’t already started pursuing it. So I’m a kid, sue me!

With technologies of today and of all sorts of possible career paths and target markets, practically nothing is impossible. If a person can be famous just by writing intellectual rubbish online, get sponsored around and even make it a JOB to create gossips, let me repeat, Nothing Is Impossible!

But sadly, I haven’t found the correct gateway to my dream so to speak…. yet!

Gimme some time, I’m still working on it. Though I have been saying that for the past three years… -.-;;

I’m so ashamed of myself…


23 kissed Nicole

  1. Housewives also go to playboy mansion? What are they doing there? I thought only guys going to playboy mansion?

  2. YuuHoo..im the second to comment hahaha.
    well, do u really think the lifes of the house wives are really what they want of persue? i bet not, and i dun think that u want life like them too...thats why they are called the "Desperate Housewives" arent they? hehe

    Life definitely has more than that.Have more life and thats called life. Happen to have the same dream like you, i love to travel. Thats why Im in Australia right now, and from here i hope to step futher haha
    Do not worry, you will find your path sooner or later. They are many ppl out there who have not found their way even they are old.

  3. Are Kenny's rubbish considered intellectual?

  4. desperate housewives! lol.. hmmmmmmm, am i one of them? :p~ hope not.. keke..

  5. you will definately achieve your dream :)
    u are such a 'seng mok' girl; work harder and put more effort in it; pretty sure u will do well in whatever u pursue.

  6. Strive and persist. You will achieve your goals. Dreams won't become reality if you do not put effort working towards it.

    Cheers :)

  7. What life is all about?

    If you have not already known, life here is temporary.

    You could have all the things you wanted in this world and tommorrow you could be dead. You could be travelling halfway around the globe and be dead the next morning. Who knows? Only God knows.

    So, live life to the fullest eh?


    Live life in preparation for the next life - in heaven. Eternal life.

    Sound far-fetched? Heaven is here on earth?


    This is the place where you get ready to die. But you can be reborn again - to be in heaven with God. That is your purpose in life.

    Ever wonder why God do not bother to prove Himself? (and I'm not talking about 'gods'.) I'm talking about God Almighty. The God of Moses.

    Cause if He proved Himself, then your faith would be useless. He does not prove Himself so that us - humans can exercise our faith and believe in Him.

    Believing what can be seen is nothing to shout about. Believing what you cannot see takes a great leap of faith.

    Dreams do come true when you believe in something you cannot see. It's in the bigger picture of life. You need to move out of your frame and see the whole thing.

    Well, it is of course much better to believe in God which we cannot see. Blessed are those who have not seen but yet believe.

    Do you believe?

  8. Never give up hope, never give up faith. yep. im sure u will achieve your dreams.

    ur rite, Nothing is Impossible

  9. Kenny sia a schmucking noob wannabe.. Don't have to tell peepur who he met online and offline lar.. like peepur care about his personal life!.. noobAss!

    Hope you won't imitate his footsteps, Nicole. You are FAR MORE TALENTED than he is! so DON'T take him as your role model..it's not worth it!

  10. Want to live a life like that? Its very easy, go make friends with famous people and becomes their entourage. By famous people i don't mind Kenny, i meant movie stars, singers etc. Or become one :)

  11. I dream of traveling with my ideal lover... hopefully a Polish girl ^_^
    Europe is really nice but I would love to see more of Asia.

    me dont watch much TV :P

    kenny is quite OK, at least much better than local blog "elites"

  12. hi again.
    i actually have a good ebook called "a happy pocket full of money"
    i can forward it to you just lemme know ya email :)
    the book is not just about becoming wealthy but also about manifesting the life you desire.

    take care and have fun

  13. Swifty, last time I threw a Mars bars wrapper on the floor.

    A Murdoch Uni student picked it up and submitted in as his PhD thesis.

  14. kenny sia, that really sounds like chuck norris facts. are you making a list of your own facts? :P


    OK, make a list of facts but make sure itz funny like chuck norris :D

  15. And so the battle of Swifty and Kennysia begin, haha~~

    To furry, you're so right, I'm so much better than kenny, hahaha.. Kenny, you should bow under my petty skirt and whimper.

    Anyway, without any intention to break ur hope, I owe a lot of my gratitudes to kenny coz he taught me a lot when I was starting up this blog. I'm such a newbie.. haha...

  16. i didnt know kenny got blogging students.

    no wonder he is surrounded by hot babes... if only i am like him, so smoking hot with girls

    *imagine left hand hug sarah tan and right hand holds amber chia*

    tulan jeolous =.=

  17. lol Kenny. MARS bar wrapper oso can ar? I bet they pick up ur tausapao paper as wel.

  18. Nicole,

    Nicely said... Intellectual rubbish? You're mean! but you know... gotta agree with you that everything is possible. If only the world would be more of an ideal place to live in. :)

  19. Bah, how did you know that it was a Mars Bar? I didn't even know you can read candy bar labels (or anything else) :D

  20. I thought the swifty yeoh and kenny chai were friends. They met in Australia.
    I heard rumours that they start to "sour face" when Kenny put a bad angled foto of swifty (making him look not very handsome) on his blog

    *kepo runs away*

  21. Tell you liao, Nicole, go join Malaysia Idol... you will get famous.. either the thr the good or the bad way... wahhahaha

  22. :) try faking it until making it. hahaha!

  23. try faking it until you make it! :)