OMG~~ Excited + Excited

I was quite shocked when many responded to my previous entry, and to think I was worried that people around are going to get so pissed and bored reading something so distressing, not to mention, BO~~RRING~~

I was even expecting a few hate mails, but I didn’t care and went with it anyway. Afterall, this is my blog and if one can’t talk about her life here, what should she talk about then?

But to my surprise, and am I so very surprised, no hate mails came but rather, I discovered that quite a few 'brudders* & *sista* out there shared the same experience as me. It made me feel that I wasn’t alone and oddly enough, soothing to the heart. It even meant more when some of you started sharing your pasts with me and the rest of the readers in the comments.

I am so touched!! *sniff* *sniff* *hugs everyone!*

And about the birthday bash suggestion and attendance, I’m really really really really really really... (multiply by N times + 1)…. Happy!! *tearing* This (blog response) is already the best birthday gifts I can receive, though my birthday is coming up real soon for any preparation. (hint: first day in the month of Pisces)

But right now, right here… I have news… want to know? Click on the video and bear with my screeching before getting to the news part. For those of you who have already watched it in youtube.. shhh…

PS// am in KL now, 12 hours to surgery… *cry*


16 kissed Nicole

  1. Good luck!


  2. welcome to the life of cool blogging.
    lotsa comments are fun !!!


    i used it and it works.
    me not spamming btw :P
    just sharing from experience


    nicole u gonna try submitting ur pillow talks to CBS n try ur luck :D

  5. Hey Nicole..all the best with your surgery..Don't worry so much, the surgery will go well and then you can store those glasses of yours once and for all ;)

  6. (To the tune of Amazing Grace - last line)

    ~Was blind, but soon you'll see...~

    God speed.


  7. I hope you have a great b-day party. I wish I could make it out there.

    Oh well, if you ever have one in Southern California, I'll be sure to make it. Or if you ever make it out here, I'll throw you one, ;).

  8. Hi nicole, don't worry it'd be fine! A friend of my did it and had no problem at all. All the best! :)

  9. my mom did hers and she's now perfect vision. she did it in KL too!

    I can't wait til my turn.

    Good luck! I'm sure u'll be so happy after that!

  10. have faith~ no worries nicole. ^_^

  11. no worry ya...its consider minor surgery in nowdays...u got my bless...:)when i go melaka find u then u can c me more 'clearly' le...haha...

  12. Corrective surgeries are a breeze nowadays......

    God Speed...........

  13. Hey girl.

    Be strong. Once u're done with ur surgery, come look for me online. I'm looking forward to the day u recover. Meanwhile, rest well. Looks like I'm gonna miss ur blog posts for the next few months, at least.

    U'll be alright, babe. Stay pretty.


  14. oh yes, my friendster is

  15. good job with your blog.

    Keep it up..


  16. by the time you read this comment... it means you've made it.