Three for Five

I have three refrigerators in my house.

main fridge

secondary fridge

I don’t know why the bloody hell my house have so many fridges. It’s not like we have a very big family. No, it’s only me, my elder brother, mom and dad.

And a maid if you count that as a consumer.

I like to call the first and largest fridge the ‘food fridge’. In there you find poultries, vegetables, prawns…etc, food that need to be cooked before consuming. It is a fridge that interest no guest, thus it is hidden in the far depths of the back kitchen.

Then there’s my favorite fridge. (Yes I do have a ‘favorite’ fridge, doesn’t everybody? *smirk*) It’s called the ‘snack fridge’. Where you find all my chocolates, ice creams, cookies, fruits, juices, chocolate drinks, mayonnaise (I’m the only one eating mayo at home), cheese…etc, which is located at the dining hall. Yup, after a meal you just walked to the fridge and take your desserts.

Snack fridge

It is also located nearest to my room. *smiling blatantly*

Then lastly, we have the ‘backup fridge’. Like its name, this fridge comes to use when we over-bought stuff and have ran out of space in the above two fridges, we will stock the remaining stuff into the third fridge. It is somewhat bigger than the snack fridge and slightly smaller than the food fridge.

This fridge is especially functioning during parties or Chinese New Year when there’s a lot of food to store to feed a large group of people. It’s a very lonely fridge cause it’s situated outside the back kitchen in the backyard. Only visited every once in a while during festivals.

Sometimes I ponder if the reason we have the snack fridge is due to me. I have a very different dietary habit than the rest of my family members, mostly consists of chocolates and fruits. I hardly eat rice (unless it’s sushi) and I can’t live without raw food and desserts.

Which is why I’m closely connected to my refrigerators.

pigging out
oh look, La Senza pants

Especially in the middle of the night.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. those fridges bringg good feng shui to your house. got any cute magnetics? (I do collect them while traveling)

    maybe those fridges will attract some leng chais to your house.

  2. you know what? might one day find the need to furnish your room with one more fridge, you know the mini fridge where you find in hotel rooms? but get a real funky one the one coca cola was giving out to lucky winners once?...that should fit your dietary habit perfectly!!

  3. Only saw 2 fridges there...where's the 3rd one?

  4. Talk about fridges, my house has 4 fridges. Now that you talked about it and I come to think about it. OMG, four! Why on earth do I need 4 fridges? Like your family, my family also consists of only 4 members. Hmmm... FOUR friggin' fridges. hahaha..

  5. The first pic looks like a freshly moved in house's kitchen..while the second pic look more comfy to you because there are many things around it.hahaha.

    So, which one actualy is your Snack fridge? the Toshiba one or the white one?

    ps* how did you squeeze 2 coconuts into the fridge?

  6. u make me hungry. btw, if were to advertise my blog would you visit it or would u just ignore me? anyways, those pics make me hungry.

  7. lots of CFC will be escaping into the atmosphere when u guys get rid of your fridges on day ...

  8. actually the title is a nice pun
    3 4 5 :P
    la la la

    how about
    1 2 3 ?
    (want to treat? )