The Truth about Love

Guys/girls are troubles, love is frustrating, and relationships are nothing but a nuisance. How many of you agree with me on that? Raise your hand.

I presume most, if not all, people would throw their hands up in the air to this question.

She loves him, he loves her friend, but her friend loves another. It’s an on-going cycle. And even when we agree on the point above, we will still fall into the love trap, again and again and again and again.

Think about it, we have spent the early part of our puberty worrying about puppy love, teenage life suffering in one sided love, young adulthood playing with love, late 20’s searching for true love and the rest of our lives committing suicide to what we naively thought was true love during our 20’s.

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We love LOVE. It’s a love-hate relationship. Even we hate love, we can’t seem to get away from it, cause we still love to LOVE. We love falling in love, building love, making love, fight for love, repairing love, and eventually learn to fall out of love so we can start to fall in love all over again.

Girls who say they are tired of love need love the most, guys who say they had enough of love wants love ever more. If a person tells you he/she doesn’t need love, he is lying. People who say they have too many lovers and loves, are lack of love, all the more do they need real love.

Some people can only love one person in their whole life, some a few, and some prefer one every week.


Some loves are built towards the opposite human gender, some choose the same human gender, some go both ways and some even can love beyond human species.


But we’re not here to discuss about that, nor the ethical issues that lies behind it. No, we’re talking about love, focusing on the topic love.

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How many of you swore to yourself that you will never ever again in your life love another person again as much as you did to the previous one, or even never to believe in love for as long as you live; but found yourself falling in love again and sooner than you thought, say few years? months? weeks? Or even days?

I have a friend, whose name not to be mentioned, broke up and swore that was the first in the longest time and also the last time to love someone so deeply and truly and even stayed up the whole night crying his heart out for that someone, fell instantly in love with my other friend, say.. within 6 hours after his breakup. Go figure… I will never understand about love.

Never did and never will, I think marriage can be done without love. Who needs love, it’s just an illusion man creates to fool themselves into thinking there’s a feeling powerful enough to level themselves with god. – Note: I did not say that, words from he who need not be named. Besides, what is love anyway? We asked about love so often that we eat, breathe and sleep on love.

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But seriously, I think love is an illusion. A feeling we put ourselves into believing we cannot breathe without it. We crave for companionship, therefore we look for love; we crave for proof in life, someone who can be the witness and attention provider to our existences, therefore we want love; we crave to kill the loneliness (no matter what you say about loving not because of feeling lonely, but because of love… blah blah) we human carries, from birth till death.

We are pitiful beings, and though love is a lie (if all of the above are true), we still nonetheless believe in it and strongly wish that love exist. You know why? Cause we need something to survive on/believe in; something that can make things better when you have everything, or something to makes things seems hopeful when all else is at lost. Ya know, love can solve anything~~ *ish~~ *roll eyes*

love joke4

Erm… wise decision, a bit reckless, but wise (Okay, I’m conflicting myself)
No wait, this is better.

love joke4_b

Wise choice, wise choice indeed….


19 kissed Nicole

  1. yea you are right. Some times love might be something we develop so we can believe in something. But hey, since when we don't develop something we believe that is true? sadness, love, happy, pain, etc etc, all is in our mind. So, i think, to be happy in our life is to go with the flow without trying to figure out what probably is a silly human nature, which fun enough because it is part of our lives. It is what makes us have feelings of any sort, makes us feel alive.

  2. emm...someone jus 'bocor' my stuff to everyone...veli good!!! veli good!!!
    recently i jus got crush on somebody n u wrote this....wahaha...naughty girl...honey...dun do this again if u wanna write something on me...if wan pls write whole thing that abt me....wahaha

  3. since i've been asked to leave a comment well here the topic is about love.ok wat i LOVE the most is the blogger herself...but unfortunately she has found a companion which is cuter than know who is her bf,pls refer to the second latest post in this blog.secondly i LOVE to be hugh hefner with all her playmates in the photos,last but not least i LOVE to have a copy of an uncensored version of the girl with the horse but the blogger wouldn't give it to me...sigh....ok but seriously though u've gotta love yourself first b4 u love someone else...tats the most important thing that u need to do...and oh u have to stop behaving like a wussy as well...tat's all...bye...

  4. Wise choice? If you say it I have to believe it. As for the rest... don't get me started.

  5. How about giving your love to someone special and not receiving anything back in return? Maybe receiving coldness, ignoring in return??

  6. love can be describe in many ways...

  7. Love is great and wonderful if you have found the right person who loves you equally. I believe that humans are designed to love. We yearn for it, and will do silly things for its sake. Love is an illusion only if we view it as a 'feeling' or a concept. Love is real when we put it into action.

    Like your blog by the way, linked here from Kenny Sia's blog.

  8. i agree bout what u said about ppl saying they are tired of love, and dun need love anymorein their lives.. many that i've come across saying that are actually the more desperate ones, trying to hide their loneliness.. i agree wit that.. but this love thing is an age old discussion, and i guess the best thing to do when u r finding love, or when u r in love, is to just go wit the flow, and be happy while u can.. cause life is full of hate, desperate ppl trying to just barely survive and many more other depressing things.. and love is the only way to deter yr mind off things.. be it love from family, or love by that special sumone everyone is trying to find.. just my penny's worth of thought on the subject of LOVE..

  9. Given a choice of marrying someone I love, and marrying someone I don't love, don't like, or don't know....

    I think I'd still rather marry someone I love.

  10. Nicole,

    You asked me to past time here. So here. I comment, you read. =P

    I am also a none believer when it comes to love simply because I have gone through too much to believe in it ever again.

    Nonetheless, always believe in love. It does exist. I'd also rather not marry someone I don't love and wait for the right one to come along.

    Cheers girl.

  11. What if IT never comes....?? What if you got cheated so badly....that you are afraid to love again? I wish to keep believing that true love exists, but.....
    Love eludes those who need it the most.....

  12. Wooo interesting post. TOTALLY agree with you..Love is simply some uncontrollable & unexplainable.....thing..

  13. any love that can be expressed by 'making love' is not true love to me. Love that is unrequited is the real deal (my personal opinion of course). I'll give you an example, you see I LOVE manchester united football team. but they don't love me in return. but i am fine with it. in short it is unrequited. but i still love manchester united football team. so to ME that is PURE LOVE...

  14. I'm in love with u !

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  16. How hurt can it be?
    A couple of beer, repeated sad 'love song', sled some tears; though it feels good at times to think bout your sad story over and over again... but we still move on, dun we?
    'i will never love again', 'i will never ever get over it', 'i will never forget him/her' ... these are just FOC, full of crap; till u meet someone again. so yes... the cycle repeats itself... new memories replace the old... so never say ever ;). It's always nice to fall in love again cos we are all 'loving animals'.
    So lucks to those who are single, and to those who are desparate; and dun give up to those who are tired cos... u ain't trying hard enuff ;).
    For princess NICOLE, we all love u :) , hell-ya we DO

  17. My nose started bleeding after seeing the picture of naked gal and the horse, so I couldn't continue.

    But to be serious, yeah, love is an emotional roller coaster for me, lots of ups, but mostly downs, never really have any luck, but I guess I'm more the type of person who loves the feeling of being in love since it usually helps me with my creative endeavours, be it filmmaking or writing.

    Guess I'm the type of person who embraces the pain, languishes in it, and then romanticizes the pain. I'm a masochist.

    But then, that's because I'm a Piscean too.

    So are you.

  18. love.. nothing but a second hand emotion

  19. God is love. We are able to love because God first loved us.

    Love is patient. Love is kind. Love keeps no records of wrong. Love is longsuffering. Love is not rude.

    True love can only be found when you offer your left cheek when your right cheek is slapped.

    How many of us can actually do that consciously? You will be considered a lunatic by human standards.

    The moment someone offends us, we counterattack to our best possible.

    And still the question is asked ; where is the love?

    Get to know God first. Then you will know what love is.

    It is not an illusion, a feeling or a concept. That is the bs that you learn from too much exposure to the mass media.

    Anyway, the love I'm talking about is the Agape Love. Go Wiki it to understand better on the types of love.